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You may want a cheap (inexpensive) knife, but that doesn’t mean you need a cheap (quality) knife. Most high quality knives easily run $150 and up, with custom options going above and beyond even $500. When looking at quality knives at an affordable price, we wanted good knives, made by manufacturers with a reputation for great knives. The knives that made the list are all under $50 on Amazon, which should be affordable for any prepper or budding survivalist.
The least expensive of the 3 knives, the Mora Bushcraft is a great first survival knife for a beginning prepper, or the perfect backup knife when paired with a more expensive primary knife. The only major complaint about this particular knife is the rounded spine, which doesn’t seem to take well to use with ferro rod fire starters. Middle of the pack in overall length, the SOG SEAL Pup knife is another great knife with a proven history of use by special forces operators.
My only issue with this knife is only because the model looked at under $50 had the partial serrated edge blade. While that’s nice if you can afford it, chances are you need a few knives around, one for your main bag, another for your get home bag. While there are a lot of good knives in the $50-100 range, we stuck to a firm $50 limit for this list as we wanted 3 knives that were all within about $17 of each other. For about $10 more on Amazon, you can move up in knife to a slightly longer blade that is a plain flat blade without serration. They are all high quality knives from manufacturers with a reputation for great knives that will perform. He lives with SurvivalWife and SurvivalBaby at their bug out location and homestead in Northern Maryland. Our goal is to help people survive, whether you're lost on a hiking trip, preparing for natural disasters, or a man-made event.
While bigger knives were available in the same price range, comparing survival knives to machetes just isn’t a proper apples to apples comparison.

Challenges are common and survival skills tend to become a necessity.An appropriate tool for dealing with a rough environment is necessary.
The fact that survival knives exist – in so many shapes and of so many brands – shows that people have gotten to place great importance on a specially built tool to help them cut, chop, pierce, split in a wide array of situations in order to keep going and even to preserve their life.
A real survival knife will be a trusted tool when you get injured on a trip, when hunting, when lost in the forest, when trying to make your way in or out of a place, when building things or making tools out of materials found in your environment. You can clear branches with these, build a shelter, prepare food, start a fire or dig a pit.Survival knives typically measure from 4 to 8 inches in length. Also, these items can have rather intriguing shapes compared to usual knives, in order to ensure perfect grip and handling.
You may not have that extra moment to unfold your knife and make sure it’s fixed in place so you can use it properly without slipping away. Fixed-blade knives do not provide unpleasant surprises – only if you don’t know how to store them safely. The following is a rundown of the top knives for wilderness use and the best hunting knife types.
You can take this guide as a survival knife review to prepare you for an important purchase.Clicking on the product details will get you to Amazon Product Page.
Don’t go under 6 though, because the knife will no longer be suitable to a number of tasks.
Stainless steel and carbon steel are the main materials for knives made for the wilderness.
You will carry this tool easily if you choose a sheath that has a hole at its end, so you can strap the knife to a leg. Many survivalists consider Fallkniven A1 as the ultimate knife built specifically as a survival blade.
Fallkniven is a Swedish based manufacturer of military and outdoor knives and A1 is one of the best product they ever launched.
With more than 750 reviews on Amazon alone makes it not only well-tried, but also well reviewed by knife enthusiasts.

If we consider the quality and performance alone Mora companion wouldn’t have found its place in top survival knife list.
This latter part includes a built-in diamond sharpener tool, a fire starter, a guidebook for survival and more.
Together with the sheath, it weights 1 pound.This knife is excellent in harsh conditions and also comes with an emergency whistle.
It is waterproof and this certainly enhances its durability.Ontario Air Force Survival KnifeAn outdoors enthusiast will find Ontario Knives to be rather short, but so reliable and robust.
The US Armed Forces use it and this fact alone shows that such knife is made to handle all tasks and all the survivors’ needs, up to self defense.
It is a 1095 carbon steel blade and the knife has no other rusting parts, features a steel cap, saw teeth and a blade of 5 inches. Also, here is a tip for sealing the knife entirely: soak the handle and the tang, as well as a portion of the blade in hot beeswax. The standard knife is outstanding through its fixed carbon parkerized blade, riveted leather sheath and a most useful combo edge. To count other benefits, this will be easier on your budget, also being a really hardworking tool. The blade length is of 10 inches, which places these among the longest survival knives that will never let one down. Military survival knives are often purchased by hunters, outdoors sports enthusiasts and hikers.
We encourage future survival knife owners to get acquainted to all existing features and styles. Also, remember you will ultimately have to choose based on your circumstances, because there is no absolutely perfect survival knife that will handle all jobs and conditions.

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