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When heading on a camping or a hiking trip, you cannot do without a solid, dependable knife at your side. While there have been significant developments in folding knives over the years, there is nothing better than a fixed blade knife for serious work in the outdoors. There are fixed blade knives that are equipped with a serrated or a partially serrated edge. Here is a list of 5 knives that are each considered to be the best fixed blade knife in their own ways in the market today.
Of the knives on this list, the best fixed blade knife has to be the Ka-Bar USMC Utility Knife. As a camper and hunter, I know that this fixed blade can handle the job of performing at the level of it’s competitors in the best survival knife class.
Schrade is actually manufactured by the same company that produces Smith & Wesson blades, Taylor Brands. Like I said before, I was skeptical that a budget-friendly knife could work as well as a more expensive design.
Schrade makes several other survival blades with serrated or flat edges, but the SCHF3 is the only one that combines a flat and serrated edge on the same blade.
Take a closer look at the blade, and you can see the coating that the manufacturer added to the knife. Thanks to the serrated edge on the knife, this blade functions well as a makeshift hatchet. You can strap a fixed blade knife in your sheath and carry it around with you to use whenever you require it. While these blades do have their uses in sawing through saplings or fur, a straight edged blade will serve you better. The knife has been tested for optimum sharpness, salt water and extreme heat resistance, torsion while at the same time put through thorough durability tests to ensure it serves as a cutting, chopping and penetration knife. The blade is crafted from top quality AUS8 steel which is retains an edge for a very long time and is easily sharpened. The A1 is a solid survival knife featuring a 6.5” VG10 steel blade that is very durable and weather-resistant.
Durable and designed to be an absolute workhorse, this is a knife that you will carry with you for a long time.

Like many who are first introduced to this fixed blade, I was curious as to the integrity of this product when I saw that Amazon offered it for around $45. That flat edge is perfect for slicing through rope and twine, while the serrated knife lets you saw through small trees and heartier objects.
While you can’t take down a redwood on your own, you can easily cut through a smaller tree with the edge of the blade. Whether it is shaving wood or chopping through thick grass or cutting rope, nothing beats a fixed blade knife.
As they do not need to be short or compact, the blades of fixed blade knives are wider and longer than those found in folding knives. The 5” blade has been put through some of the most rigorous stress tests possible to be one of the most durable knives in the market today. While this knife doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, you might find that it develops a few rust spots or rough edges after frequent use.
On a recent trip to the lake, I used my knife in the middle of the day to slice through some tangled fishing line, and even with the sun bouncing off every surface in my boat, it didn’t reflect off my blade.
With each stroke that you take, you’ll notice that the knife cuts out a wide surface section, making it easy to grab some extra firewood when camping or hunting. You will find that this blade doesn’t replace every knife you will ever use, however this can function as your survival knife.
It is an indispensable handy tool and is one of the best options for a survival knife in the market.
The knife comes with a variety of options for its handle material from leather to durable Kraton.
Cold Steel is known for manufacturing some of the best knives in the market and they do not disappoint with the SRK. If you ever used a knife that had a heavy handle and a light blade, you’ll appreciate the balance on this one. The blade also did a great job of cutting through the ropes and twine that I use when storing supplies for my trip. When you look down at the knife, you’ll also notice that the stainless-steel blade runs through the entire length of the shaft. The best fixed blade knife will make your life a lot easier in the outdoors and stay with you for a long time.

Some knives are equipped with finger guards to keep you from accidentally cutting or skinning yourself while using the knives. Finally, fixed blade knives are capable of sporting a longer and thicker blade than their folded or multipurpose alternatives. The knife is shipped with a kydex sheath that is designed to protect it against the elements.
It also comes with a sheath that fits over the stainless-steel blade, to protect against moisture.
I know this knife fits perfectly into some smaller budgets out there and you’d be happy with your purchase as I was. Other blades stop just inside the sheath, which can make the knife weaker and less durable. Even after using my blade for six months, I haven’t noticed any chips or dings in the coating.
If you’re left handed, you can remove the screws in the handle, turn the blade around and close the knife back up. Extended exposure to water can weaken the blade, make the edges dull and cause the protective coating to wear off rather quickly from the blade. Some fixed blade knives also feature a bulge or a protrusion from the butt end of the handle that will keep the knife from slipping from your grasp. I had always used carbon blades in the past because well, they were not stainless steel.Skinning is hard work and how many of you have cut yourself because your hand was slick and you slid your hand up the handle to the blade. From cutting through undergrowth to sharpening staves for tents, they are better at these tasks than shorter knives. This blade has hundreds of other more practical uses and for the cost you’re getting a huge bargain here.

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