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The exterior dimensions of the knife when it is in the closed position.  We think slimmer is better, especially for pocket carry.
The majority of the knife world is pretty much in general consensus that a non-serrated blade is best for everyday carry.  Some may disagree, as their everyday tasks may include cutting rope and such.
Talking about the variety of different locking methods out there is a lot like trying to argue about which American muscle car is the best.
4) This might be a bit much for an introduction to pocket knives, but I feel it would be prudent to at least mention that the blade’s geometry is at least as important as its material for determining its cutting ability. I feel like you should look at a bunch of different knives, and then cross every knife off of your list that doesn’t sit in your pocket with the point of the blade oriented upwards. While it’s not for everyone, a fixed blade in a pocket sheath can be a viable option.
That seems to be an amazing introduction about the best folding knife or you can call them pocket knife too. Folding tactical knives also know as folding knives or sometimes just as tactical knives (Tac Knives) are some of the most versatile knives on the market. The Extreme Ops line from Smith & Wesson has some great knives with some excellent features. The SOGZilla with black zythel handle and combo edge from SOG is one of my all time favorite knives.

As we noted above, if you’re using a knife in these situations you should likely upgrade to a work knife with a serrated edge, not an EDC pocket knife.
But EDC pocket knives can be like pocket jewelry, while still being entirely functional, let your taste and preference guide you.  A non-threatening look will allow your tool to be carried in an office or in a public space without upsetting your sensitive coworkers.
It can save people a few bucks and make them not disregard excellent knives like Opinel, Victorinox and Laguiole simply because they’re not made of some trendy diamondillium.
That’s unfortunate, as the width of the sheath keeps the knife handle oriented quite nicely in my pocket.
A simple sharp blade should be all you need for an EDC pocket knife, allowing you to make clean precise cuts.
Though some knives under $20 may not have these awesome warranties, it wouldn’t be an inexpensive replacement fee if anything were to happen. It’s not terribly different to draw the knife than it is drawing a folder clipped to your pocket. Since the pocket knife has been around for as long as man has required a sturdy blade by his side and had the pockets to carry them, it should be easy to find something that will do a fine job whenever you need to make a cut without causing you to spend your money improperly. Though they’ll be pretty heartbroken, others may find the risk of carrying a $300+ pocket knife is a risk which is balanced out by its benefits. For example, while 30+ layer Damascus steel is great-looking and highly desirable for pocket blades, it is very expensive due to its complex manufacturing.

The Schrade uses the popular liner lock system; this system is probably my favorite locking system for knives.
The existence of Best Pocket Knives Under 50 helps you make it simple to doing or doing something you want within the kitchen. The knife is finished with a durable black-blue finish and also includes a stainless pocket clip. SpyderCo nailed this with their Tenaciou by incorporating four placement options for the pocket clip. EDC knives are almost universally toted around in your favorite work jeans, and those things are probably worn rags. In-pocket carry is great for stealthily carrying in a public setting, except you may have to dig around in your pockets for it. It can do standard work, but it’s the pocket knife you want on hand as a backup when words fail and the knives need to come out.
With a 420HC steel clip blade stuck between brass bolsters and wrapped in a Dymondwood handle, this is the by-your-side-until-you-die pocket knife of guys the world around.

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