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When looking for the best pocket knife, make sure you follow these simple yet weird tips or else you might be in for a big shock.
Unlike other reviews online, this review is part personal review as well as part meta-review (we research the web and are reporting what other people are stating about the best pocket knife). A pocket knife is a folding knife and, for that reason, you must have a good lock on the knife if you are planning on using the knife for heavy duty purposes.
The knife comes with a condor sheath that, for a pocket knife, is rare and worth a good price by itself.
CRKT is an Oregon based knife company whose knives are mostly produced in China and Taiwan. Cold Steel, a California based knife maker, was formed in 1980 and offers a wide variety of good knives, machetes, and martial arts equipment at reasonable prices. Benchmade, a high end knife manufacturer from Oregon, produces great knives as well as balisongs. SOG is a reputable US knife maker who has been producing quality knives designed for military, law enforcement, and outdoors use since 1986.
The handle features a super low riding clip that allows the knife to be seated very, very low in one’s pants pocket. The Delica4, the fourth installment of the Delica series, is one of Spyderco’s most popular and best selling knife. Within this article, we reviewed what you should look for in the best pocket knife as well as 10 great knives on the market today.
Best Law Articles"I've been looking for knife and weapon law guides for awhile and KnifeUp's articles are amazing.
Best Heritage Knife: The Barlow style goes back to 1600s England, and it was used by the likes of our first president, George Washington. Best-Value Knife: The American-made Spitfire is specifically designed for the demands of EDC, with an ultra-easy one-handed blade hole opening and a convenient clip that can mount on either side of the handle.

Yes, It Looks Scary as Hell A First Look at 2015's Best HorrorYesterday saw the first trailer for critically acclaimed horror film The Witch, which follows an exiled 1630s family in rural New England as they live on the edge of a haunted forest. Pocket knives can vary greatly in terms of design and, for that reason, you should pick one based on your intended usage. Name brand knives are, on one hand, more expensive than cheap knives but, on the other hand, will give you less headaches as well as last longer. All the knives reviewed here use top quality steel that will keep it’s blade over a lot of tough use. Ontario was contracted for many famous military knives such as M7 bayonet, M1942 machete, and USAF survival knife. Case and Sons Cutlery, is based in New York State and mainly produces traditional pocket knives and pen knives. Benchmade also has a patent on its AXIS lock technology which makes folding knives feel just like fixed blade knives with regards to sturdiness.
Some states and countries have restrictions against specific blade sizes, only allow you to carry utility knives but not locking blades, and so on. This guide will walk you through what you should look for in a pocket knife as well as the top 10 pocket knives recommended by KnifeUp. This guide will walk you through what you should look for in an all-around great pocket knife that will last you for years in a wide range of tasks. Poorly designed clips do not secure themselves properly to your pants and, often times, lead themselves to falling out of your pocket.
Buck knives is a large knife manufacturer whose production capabilities allow for this sturdy $85 knife. These knives look and feel like classic pocket knives and are not suited for heavy duty use.
Other, more heavy duty knives, can handle harder tasks but the Delica4’s VG-10 steel allows it to withstand harsh work if needed.

Fire Safe prevents the blade from accidentally deploying in your pocket, and it is paired with CRKT’s famous Outburst spring-loaded one-handed opening feature, so the knife is as quick on the draw as Wyatt Earp. These are pocket knives that you can easily and legally (see what knives are legal in your state) carry in your pocket day in and day out. By paying a little more upfront at first, you save yourself money in the long run for the best pocket knife. The knives reviewed here all have high quality handles and this guide will talk about each one in depth further on.
All models are folding clip knives with a lightweight steel web handle, with fewer places for the folding mechanism to get gunked up with lint, dirt, or anything else.
These knives are great for cutting up thick shipping boxes, slicing apples, or even self defense.
The clip holds the knife securely in your pocket but, unlike other knives featured here, is not reversible.
The incredibly slim coffin-style handle stays low-key in your pocket, and the patented Axis lock system lets you deploy and fold one-handed. Drop it inside a suit pocket or along the pocket seam of your dress slacks, and no one will be the wiser. The ambidextrous thumb studs let you use either hand, and the centrally located pocket clip means you can also switch sides without remounting the clip. This knife is limited to 500 units, so you’d best get your hands on this very collectible EDC.

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