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When I’m not carrying a full-size tool, I run into more situations that require good scissors than I do those that require pliers or wrenches. Retractable scissors are great in a pinch and are better than having no scissors, but full-leverage scissors are vastly superior.
Ever present, attached to the house or car keys, the key ring penknife is the low profile pocket knife of last resort.
1 - Victorinox Mini Champ Red Alox Handle Multi Tool Knife- With hard wearing, red anodised, ribbed aluminium handle, the Mini Champ measures only 2.3 inches closed. The lifting of the Transportation Security Agency’s prohibition on knives brings both a boon for your every day carry (EDC) and a challenge in deciding on a folding knife that meets the TSA’s parameters. The Safest Bet TSA-Approved Knife: With a compact design with 6 implements for 7 convenient functions, the Esquire Swiss Army knife (SAK) is a minimalist choice with lots of capability. Best TSA-Approved Classic Jackknife: Coming out of the box razor sharp, the Case Peanut looks like a knife your grandfather carried. While the stag-handled version comes in stainless steel (not “surgical” steel, as mislabeled by Amazon), Case also offers several Peanuts with CV (Chrome Vanadium, or high carbon steel) blades for those who prefer carbon steel for the ease with which it takes a fine edge and acquires a patina. Yes, It Looks Scary as Hell A First Look at 2015's Best HorrorYesterday saw the first trailer for critically acclaimed horror film The Witch, which follows an exiled 1630s family in rural New England as they live on the edge of a haunted forest. Made in Switzerland, the penknife includes 8 tool blades with 13 functions, including a 1.6 inch cutting blade. The knife also includes scissors and nail file with small screwdriver, hard wearing, ribbed alox aluminium handle.

Unfortunately, the TSA reneged on their plan to allow small knives and multitools on flights, stranding your EDC at the security gates. Being a serving member of the military didn’t help, even on the occasion when I was flying with both a service rifle and pistol on a contract aircraft.
It includes a pen blade, springless scissors, a nail file, a nail cleaner, a toothpick, tweezers and a key ring.
This knife adds an LED light to the basic Minichamp, a nice touch while you’re rooting around for your socks under a strange bed at 2 a.m.
The stag handle makes each knife unique, and the antler will wear with age and use to add even more character. Leatherman’s keychain multi comes with both needlenose pliers and a pair of scissors, eliminating a previous compromise in earlier models.
A craftsman who focuses on utility over art, Emerson is a proponent of knives as both tool and weapon, and he designs and builds them for hard use, with 154cm high carbon steel and a chisel-grind edge. Four Doors Good, Two Doors BetterThe New 2017 AMG C63 Coupe Goes M4 HuntingThe new C-Class Coupe was a sexy car to begin with, but now the 2017 Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe takes it to the next level. Wading into travel regulations and the many suitable sharp options on the market, we’ve found the five best pocket knives (plus a bonus) that will both get the odd job done and actually make it onto a plane. The most complete keychain-sized mini SAK from Victorinox, the multi-tool has 2 different blades, scissors, nail file with nail cleaner, cuticle pusher (works better than dragging ‘em on the ground, Neanderthal), screwdriver with ruler, a fruit peeler with scraper (trust me, she’ll love this), a marginal bottle opener with a magnetic Philips screwdriver, wire stripper, pressurized ballpoint pen and either tweezers or a toothpick — pick one and then replace it with the other when you lose the first.
Case and Sons Cutlery Company has been making premium, hand-crafted knives for more than a century and still crafts the knives in Bradford, Pennsylvania with the finest materials and time-honored techniques.

The scissors are better than most, as is the bottle opener, though both have a learning curve (hint: use the scissors right-side up). For even more utility, the pliers come with wirestrippers in five gauges, from 20GA to 12GA, making the Squirt a no-brainer choice for a computer network tech. While we advocate you remain seated with your seatbelt securely fastened during flight, an Emerson would be the EDC you’d want if you get the call, “Let’s roll”.
Victorinox Knives have cornered the market in key ring pen knives, producing reasonably priced, top quality pocket multi tools.
One of the newest Victorinox multi tools, the MiniChamp Alox measures only 2.3 inches closed, is less than 1 cm thick and contains 8 blades with 13 functions. Wenger’s springless scissors are superior, with a serrated self-sharpening edge, and for this reason alone the Esquire is the better choice. Consign yourself now to the eventual loss of the toothpick and then the tweezers — it happens with every SAK, Wenger or Vic.
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