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Hunting knives have a single purpose and that is to separate one material from another whether it be skinning, dressing or slicing. The general Rockwell hardness of stainless steel knives 55 to 59 which is not very hard compared to carbon steel knives which is around 60 and above. High carbon steel blades are not necessarily harder but they do hold an edge a lot better than stainless steel blades. The quality of the business end of the knife is of great importance for this task, and knowing the type of steel used to create it dictates the strength, corrosion resistance and other qualities that will make the knife what it is.
On the one hand this makes it generally softer than carbon steel knives but on the other hand –  it resists rust better.

There are a lot of steel types out there, from the 154 CM that was originally designed for jet engine fan blades to the X-15 T.N used in water sport products due to its excellent corrosion resistance quality.
The downside of carbon steel is that with no chromium in the blade, it is not rust resistant. One main drawback of stainless steel knives vs. carbon steel knives is that carbon steel blades keep their edge sharper, longer. Carbon steel knives are great for the outdoors because they hold an edge well, are perfect for skinning even large game and, if treated well enough, resist rusting pretty well. Many carbon steel knives also come with an appropriate sheath that not only makes it easy to carry but protects it well from the elements.

10xx (1095, 1060, 1071, 1080, 1084, 1055, etc) carbon steel are well known and used in most knives and other tools.

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