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Spartan Blades has four proven winners that are absolutely perfect for members of the law enforcement and tactical communities. Rounding up some of the best new and battle-proven tactical pistols available on the market—from 9mm and 5.7x28mm to .45 ACP!
Benchmade’s classic Elishewitz 910 Tanto folding knife gets a tune-up for America’s warriors on the frontlines. The Auto Stryker has a robust blade, comfortable handle and the tactical heritage to claim a position at the top of the tactical automatic food chain. Allen Elishewitz worked with Benchmade for several years and designed some of their best tactical models. The all new Darkangel 900 from Steel Will Knives features a 5.83-inch blade made from N690Co steel that is both corrosion resistant and simple to sharpen. Hogue's three new automatic folding knives are spring-loaded versions of the company's EX-01, EX-03 and EX-04 Tactical Folding Knives. The 9101 Benchmade Auto Stryker knife offers a stronger locking button and open back spacer design. The Benchmade 810 Contego folding tactical knife offers a high degree of form and function. Benchmade Knife Company wins second straight Knife of the Year award with Model 741 Onslaught.

The Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence presented its 2010 Knife of the Year Award to Benchmade Knife Company for the model 741 Onslaught™.
This particular Benchmade tactical knife is a drop-point folding knife, finished in black on black. From our point of view, outdoor lifestyles and activities inevitably require a person to carry a cutting tool,  whether it be a chipped-out chunk of obsidian lashed to an elk horn handle, or a state-of-the-art knife like the Benchmade 9051. To test the Benchmade knife’s automatic opening mechanism, we put it though an extreme cold temperature test.
In addition to the blade the Benchmade 9051 features a pointed butt-cap pommel integrated into the knife casing.
Benchmade has been making good autos for a long time and they’re probably the best known auto knife maker in the world.
The potent package was developed by the Lone Star state’s Allen Elishewitz during the bloom of the tactical knife renaissance and it has many of the features that set a true tactical knife apart from the pack—a contoured, comfortable handle with a built-in guard area, a strong blade designed to take the pounding of hard use, and a pocket clip that is reversible and handy for everyday use.
Recently, Benchmade updated the Auto Stryker, and the revisions they have made are well executed and nicely improve on the classic design. Our review process put the Benchmade 9051 through some grueling tests to see how it would perform in a variety of extreme situations. Army conducted on the Benchmade 9051 SBK auto-folder was almost the opposite of cold-environment testing.

Benchmade and some other internet dealers will only sell them to active military or police, but pretty much any other place will sell them to anyone where it’s legal to sell such items (California is an obvious no for selling such knives, but you can still own them, just not carry them in public unless the blade is less than two inches).
As a firefighter and proud owner of a Benchmade 9100 auto, I have never owned a more durable and useful knife. Allen morphed many of his early, hard-use tactical folders and his military and martial arts background experience into the Stryker, and the resulting knife was a runaway hit.
However, the 9051 SBK is primarily designed as a tactical knife and was tested at Fort Bliss, Texas by select soldiers at the Army Evaluation Task Force in the 5-1 Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division.
We found that the Benchmade 9051 promises to be a stout companion that any outdoor person can own and expect to last a lifetime. Both times the Benchmade 9051 opened immediately upon thawing with ambient day temperatures and body heat.

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