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Every crime in California consists of "elements." These are facts the prosecutor must prove to make a case in court. If you got charged with a crime, check the documents for the code section you are accused of violating. Folding knives (other than switchblades) may be carried concealed on your person if closed.
There are additional restrictions on carrying knives into schools and other public buildings.
And if you actually threaten someone with an illegal knife -- or you use the knife as a weapon -- you face additional jail time. Under California law, the possession, sale, manufacture and import of certain other types of knives is completely prohibited. Or perhaps a police officer is able to open your folding pocket knife with a flick of her wrist.
Thus, carrying a prohibited knife in a pocket or purse counts as carrying it on your person. Example: Alex borrows his friend's jacket, not knowing there is a prohibited knife in the pocket. Penal Code 171b makes it a crime to bring or possesses certain knives within any state or local public building.

If you carry an illegal knife -- and you use that weapon to assault someone -- you could be charged for both possession and assault. The Legislature recognized that the new definition might criminalize the "innocent" carrying of legal instruments such as steak knives, scissors and metal knitting needles. If you or loved one is charged with carrying an illegal knife and you are looking to hire an attorney for representation, we invite you to contact us at Shouse Law Group.
If you live in an area that restricts the use and carry of automatic knives you may want to consider a spring assisted knife. Most spring assisted knives have a thumb stud so you can partially open the blade before the spring takes over and springs it into locked position. There are many different variations on the mechanism that makes a spring assist knife work.
If you’re wanting an automatic knife but live in a state where automatics are illegal, I definitely suggest to get a spring assisted knife instead.
Adam keeps it in the pocket of his jacket because he believes it will help his brother come home safe. These knives differ from automatic knives in that you use your hand to partially open the blade rather than a button or lever. These knives require you to open the blade out (up to 10%) before the spring engages and fires the blade.

But typically they will have a spring or tension bar that is designed to spring open the blade into locked position (see diagram below). Spring assisted knives may also have a flipper on the back of the handle that will flip the blade into place.
You push the flipper past the point of resistance and the spring takes over and fires the blade into place. The mechanism inside the knife is what makes a spring assisted knife a spring assisted knife and not an automatic knife. Carrying a spring assist knife is a great choice if you live in a location that is strict on automatic knives. Despite the difference in the mechanism, the overall deployment of a spring assist knife is very similar to that of an automatic knife. People who are startled or upset may overreact, lose their tempers, or make poor judgments under stress.
However due the different opening mechanism, a spring assisted knife is not subjected to the same strict laws.

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