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The TSA says it's the responsibility of passengers to comply with state and local laws and those local laws may prohibit possession of pocket knives.
With that being said, a spokesperson for the Massachusetts State Police said troopers will be urged to utilize discretion when it comes to seeking charges in the wake of the discovery of a pocket knife. SAN DIEGO – The Transportation Safety Administration’s announcement to allow passengers to bring pocketknives on airplanes came as shock to many travelers. The TSA is easing up on their list of what passengers can and cannot bring on airplanes starting with allowing small pocketknives. Most knives remain banned – like locking blades or handles, and of course box cutters and razor blades.

TSA wants its screeners to stop confiscating pocket knives, golf clubs, hockey sticks, and other sports equipment from carry-on bags. For frequent travelers, they say a knife is a knife and they should not be allowed on airplanes. The new policy would permit Swiss Army knives and other small blades the agency regards as harmless. An aircraft cabin is no more sacred than any of the thousands of federal buildings and facilities that permit pocket knives with blades of less than two and a half inches.
TSA says these knives are ubiquitous, don’t jeopardize planes, and distract screeners from more serious threats.

So no need to worry, this won't do anything really except allow some passengers to have a tiny knife on their keys or in their pocket. On the other side, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association claims that the fatal stabbing of a prison guard last month illustrates the peril of allowing knives on planes.

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