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Best of all, each of these bags comes in at $300 or under (and some are way under; think $80 or less). The Good: This bag, from iconic French brand Delsey, was one of our favorites for its organizational features.
The Good: We've reviewed the Contempo bag before, and we love it still for its foldable design and scratch-resistant nylon material. The Iffy: A little bit pricey with an MSRP of more than $200, this cool bag sits squarely in the "splurge-worthy" category. The Iffy: Despite its steerability, this Samsonite, at a little more than nine pounds, is the heaviest bag on our list, and aside from its shape, it's not particularly innovative. The Iffy: Due to its lack of dedicated laptop storage, this bag is not for those traveling with lots of tech devices. The Good: IT Luggage set out to design the world's lightest bags, and indeed, they've produced a winning line of ultralight, supremely mobile suitcases. The Iffy: We'd be wary of checking this bag, as it lacks the structural integrity and pocket storage of a heavier suitcase.
The Iffy: With its slightly tapered shape, there is less room at the top of the bag, so it requires careful packing. The Iffy: Despite its countless pockets, there's no laptop storage, keeping this bag decidedly analog. The Good: American Tourister, now under the Samsonite umbrella, has been designing inexpensive bags since 1933 and is by now a bit of a heritage brand. This article was originally published by SmarterTravel under the title 10 Best Carry-on Bags for Every Traveler.
Traveling carry-on only might seem restrictive and difficult to do, but I believe NOT checking luggage provides me with more freedom. There is often a weight restriction on carry-on luggage too, so check with your airline for that as well. If you are flying with an airline that allows a carry-on bag plus a personal item, try to put small but heavier things in your personal item because they usually don’t weigh the personal item. If your bag is at the high end of the size limit, try to board as early in the boarding process as you can to make sure you have room for your bag. Stay tuned for more in my How to Travel Carry-On Only series, and I’ll show you how to skip checking luggage and travel lighter. My younger daughter and I are heading to Chicago tomorrow for 4 nights and for the first time ever we are going to try and travel with just a carry-on suitcase.
Over the years I’ve come to travel carry on only for all trips shorter than two weeks long. Wow, I’ve never had an airline employee make me check a bag that was clearly within the carry-on limits!
Packing only into carry-on also forces you to leave the unnecessary things at home, which makes travelling that much lighter and easier.

After domestic airlines began raking in billions in checked-bag fees in 2008, the amount of passengers packing carry-ons soared, according to TSA statistics.
We've narrowed down dozens of bags to come up with this list of 10 exemplary carry-on options. Also, the bag's spinner wheels may stick out of the airplane's overhead compartment, so you'll need to stow this Delsey sideways (or risk it not fitting on a super-crowded flight).
This kicky collapsible and expandable bag from Biaggi folds down to 50 percent of its size for easy storage in tiny hotel rooms, cruise cabins, or city flats.
Now in its second generation, the World's Lightest 4-Wheel Carry-On combines high-density polyester with a strong but lean fiberglass frame. Foldable, this carry-on easily fits into its PVC storage bag for out-of-sight, out-of-mind stowing. The interior isn’t sizeable, either, with minimal pockets, and the in-line wheels give the Biaggi an edge over this Lipault when it comes to maneuverability. No, they did not do a touchy-feely pat down or confiscate something.Just before actually getting to the TSA agent's podium, a red-jacketed person (who I believe was hired by American Airlines as a subcontractor but not an actual employee) insisted that I put my suitcase in a bag sizer. I was sent back to the check-in line because one dimension was 1 inch over the limit," Hobica said.With rules varying among different airlines, experts recommend checking with companies on their carry-on bag restrictions before flying. It was my first trip completely on my own, and I thought that if I only brought carry-on luggage, it would be one less thing to worry about. A simple and inexpensive luggage scale can help you avoid surprises at check-in if your bag is over the limit.
Bulkhead seats, the ones that don’t have another row of seats directly in front of them, are usually great for extra leg room, but your carry-on bag and personal item must both go in the overhead compartment.
If you stay in the US, this is easy, but start spending more time flying around Europe and Asia and the bag you were planning to carry on may hve to go under. It mostly happens to me when they have a low weight limit for carry-on bags and mine is over the limit.
I always try to use just carry-on when I fly, not paying baggage fees means I can use that money to do something I really want. I usually carry a padlock in case I need to lock my bag up in a hostel, and I realized one time just how heavy that thing is, but it doesn’t take up much room.
We schlepped these suitcases on public transportation and airplanes and through security and customs, packed them and lifted them over our heads, and careened with them at full-speed around sharp corners. A padded laptop sleeve on the front of the bag makes it easy to pack your gadgets (and remove them for inspection in the TSA security line).
The multiple top and side handles were a favorite feature and made the bag easy to lift from any angle. The telescoping handle is sturdy, while the smooth-as-butter spinner wheels make this one of the most maneuverable bags on our list (and a joy to glide with through America's busiest airports).
The fully lined interior is ample, owing to the bag's unique trapezoidal configuration, and two small exterior pockets are handy for last-minute items.

Easily tucked into an overhead compartment, the slim, wheeled bag has pockets galore (we counted five inside and out) as well as exterior compression straps to secure the bag's contents (good for bumpy flights or Jeep rides to your campsite).
While the Splash line lacks some of the nifty innovations and chichi materials of the flashy new luggage brands, this 21-inch bargain bag had one of the most generous interiors that we tested, with an expandable main compartment that added to its depth. Most allow travelers to bring on free carry-on bags, but mistaking the size can be a hit to the wallet.For Hobica, he nearly missed his flight because he had to return to the ticket counter. If your bag measures an inch or two over on one side but is smaller on another side, it should be fine. I have had to gate check the occasional bag on flights where I didn’t realize the overhead was too small for my bag.
I checked ahead of time and knew to switch to a duffel bag so that I could actually bring enough clothing. Every major luggage retailer now offers multiple carry-on models in multiple sizes, each with an exhaustive list of features and configurations. An easy-to-access compartment at the bottom of the bag seamlessly stores toiletries or dirty laundry, while the interior contains multiple mesh pockets: perfect for the hyperorganized. Briggs & Riley offers a lifetime warranty on all of its bags, even covering damage done by airlines.
This bag is made for the fashionable weekend warrior who scoffs at dull utilitarianism: It comes in a high-gloss palette (lime, orange, pink, and slate) … with an equally bright 10-year warranty.
Surprisingly, the zippers and aircraft-grade aluminum handle were among the sturdiest we tried, despite the relatively lightweight nature of the bag's materials.
Mark Stern of Savinar Luggage in Canoga Park, a company that's been selling luggage for nearly 100 years, said the different carry-on rules can be downright mind-boggling for travelers."The airlines are making it very confusing," Stern said. Just be aware that some low cost airlines only allow one carry-on item, so any smaller items like a purse would have to fit inside of your bigger bag.
The funny thing is I’m such a hotly girl that no one believes I travel carry on only.
I was then told that this is a new "FAA regulation," a questionable claim given that not all airlines have the same allowances.These new size limits are recent.
Airways, Delta Airlines and United Airlines, the carry-on bag dimensions can't exceed 45 inches - that's the total of the length, width and height.On Southwest Airlines and JetBlue, bags are restricted to 50 inches. So these very specific measurements really change the game, and will be causing a lot of headaches -- and heartaches when people learn they will have to leave their favorite, and in some cases, very expensive, bags in the closet.Or change airlines. Second, four-wheeled suitcases (so-called spinners), I've found, are easier to handle than two-wheeled models (and should you ever have to check your bag, spinners are treated more gently by baggage handlers).

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