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While there is less legroom and terrible food these days, the airlines did do away with smoking, which is fantastic. There are a range of factors that can affect the safety of airports, aircraft and airlines. Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) oversees the safety-related aspects of airlines and aircraft which fly into and within Australia.
Information on aviation incidents by country, airline and aircraft type is available from the Aviation Safety Network website. You could travel on a different airline than you expected due to the common practice of code sharing. When staff at Australia's overseas missions are advised not to use particular airlines due to safety concerns, this will be clearly stated in the travel advice for that destination. Australians travelling overseas who hold concerns about the route their aircraft will take should contact their carrier or travel agent for advice. TravelSECURE is a traveller-friendly website developed by the Australian Government to help you prepare for your trip and familiarise yourself with security measures in place at Australian airports and in international flights to and from Australia. The site provides information about prohibited items, passenger and baggage screening as well as liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) restrictions, goods purchased at duty-free shops before arrival in Australia.  Travellers will also find recommendations about travelling with children, laptops, medicines and sports equipment.
Under Australian aviation security legislation, airlines are required to ensure that no oversized (over 100ml) Liquids, Aerosols or Gels (LAGs) are taken by passengers through the screening point at a last port of call for flights bound for Australia. European Commission: Transport provides information on European aviation safety and security policy.
Singapore's Changi Airport provides a useful passenger guide for all travellers flying through Singapore. Japanese Aviation Authority provides information for travelling in and out of Japanese international and domestic airports. New Zealand's Flysmart program gives travellers tips for travelling to and from New Zealand. Airports of Thailand provides an arrival and departure guide as well as other security information for travellers. The search for answers around the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues to generate an outsize amount of attention for an airplane tragedy—a subject that already commands a disproportionate level of public concern.

The incredibly impressive safety record of air travel worldwide is a testament to the success of an unheralded American export: our regulations governing aircraft and airport safety.
Compared with less than $100 per life-year for mandatory seat belts and child restraints, or $7,000 per life-year for air bags, air safety regulations were pricey, even 20 years ago. The divide between the priorities of the developed and developing worlds is not limited to safety standards, of course. You may think that traveling by plane is inherently more dangerous than driving an automobile.
DrivingThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiles and researches accident statistics for the entire country. OddsThe National Safety Council compiled an odds-of-dying table for 2008, which further illustrates the relative risks of flying and driving safety.
Airlines are getting better at filling flights: average load factor has nearly doubled over the last 40 years. Maintenance procedures and safety standards for aircraft used on domestic flights overseas are not always properly observed.
This happens when an airline places its ‘code' or flight number on another airline's flight and both airlines market the flight as their own. Whether it's high winds, rain, sleet or snow, or volcanic ash, each season brings a slew of possible delays that could have a negative impact on your air travel. Therefore, we recommend you check with your airline or the country you are visiting before you travel.  You should arrive at the airport with plenty of time to undergo necessary screening and security checks. Its purpose is to help travellers prepare for their journey so they can clear the security checks at the airport quickly and easily. While it’s widely known that flying is statistically safer than driving, just how much safer varies from country to country. But it might lower the cost of travel to and from Kenya, which would enable more people to travel, in turn increasing all the benefits that travel can bring—tourism dollars, trade, and investment.
Its 2008 Traffic Safety Facts Data boils down the millions of accidents and other statistics to 1.27 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. A more direct comparison per 100 million miles pits driving's 1.27 fatalities and 80 injuries against flying's lack of deaths and almost no injuries, which again shows air travel to be safer.

Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Travel Tips editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story. Aviation safety and security standards in some countries may not be equal to standards in Australia or meet those set by the UN's International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). If you are concerned that you may fly with a different airline than you expected, you should check arrangements with your intended airline or travel agent before booking. Before you leave for travel of any kind, it is always a good idea to check the forecasts for your departure and destination city. Individual countries or airlines may put in place additional passenger screening measures and restrictions at short notice, which could cause delays at airports. For example, in the case of eastern Ukraine, numerous carriers flew over this territory (above a minimum altitude stipulated by Ukraine authorities), while others decided not to or were prohibited from doing so by their national safety regulators.
You should abide by all instructions, including signs and announcements.  You should also consult the travel advice for destinations to which you intend to travel.
In most cases, flight path decisions are left to individual airlines who conduct risk assessments. Even in the case of airline safety regulations, if they make the kind of publicity Malaysia has suffered over the last fortnight a little less likely, even some low-income governments might consider them worth the price.
Given how often people drive, and how indispensable car travel is in most countries, the gap in developing countries’ road safety records is far more troubling than their air safety records are impressive.
The European Union (EU) has published a list of airlines that are subject to operating bans or restrictions within the EU. Unfortunately, specific public information on airlines and aviation safety standards in other countries is limited.

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