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If you are planning a backpacking, hiking, river rafting trip, or other adventure trip in the Brooks range, we can assist you with trip preparation, specific access locations and other necessary details. More specifically, the following are comments about some essential and often overlooked subjects to consider while preparing and packing for your trip. Dirk Nickisch and Danielle Tirrell, owners of Coyote Air Service based in Coldfoot, Alaska, offer personal, knowledgeable and reliable air service to Alaska's remote and majestic arctic regions.
A majority of affluent travellers (70%) begin their trip research online even before deciding on the destination or mode of travel.  About 50% plan to spend more time researching because getting value-for-money product is important. Despite the number of travel brands focusing on the trip planning stage, 59% of affluent travellers use search engines as their go-to source for travel ideas and information. While the affluent continue to prioritize upscale hotels, interest is growing with 48% to book peer-to-peer sharing services Airbnb and Zipcar.
While 87% of the affluent consider the internet as their travel planning source, only 64% consider it their travel inspiration source. Brand sites (for hotels, airlines), search engines and online travel agents (OTAs) are the top sources for planning. More than half of affluent travellers (55%) access travel information on their smartphones or tablets for planning.
Many affluent travellers depend on their smartphones for last-minute reservations of air, car rental, accommodation and vacation related products.

Google commissioned Ipsos MediaCT, an independent marketing research company, to conduct a study among US consumers to better understand the role that travel plays in: airline, cruise, lodging, car rental and vacation packages. By Audra Michelle Leave a Comment It’s coming up on the summer travel season and many of you may be embarking on a trip that involves air travel.
Follow up with TSA and the airline after traveling to clear up issues and to help educate them on travel with children and ensure their employees are up to date on training. In PhoCusWright’s 2013 Traveller Technology Survey, the numbers of travellers who actually used a mobile device to book was more than 40% lower than the levels where mobile was used in other phases of the trip planning lifecycle. According to 2013 SITA Air Transport World Passenger IT Trends Survey among global travellers, only 5% said they were using check-in and booking services on their phones, and 78% cited usability concerns and the limitations of the device as a reason they might not use mobile for travel. As I mentioned in my Tnooz 2014 prediction, I think that iBeacons are a terrific fit for the travel industry, hotels and airports in particular. Comparison activity in 2013 was higher than 2012 for all three sectors – air, hotel and car rental. Though the number of same day hotel booking services is increasing, the usage of smartphones for last-minute trip research is almost equally split across four sectors. They are also increasingly likely to book based on loyalty program membership of airlines, hotels, car rental brands and OTAs. TSA and airlines have families flying all day every day and have streamlined ways to help you through.

Online Travel Overview Thirteenth Edition, mobile travel bookings will more than triple over the next two years, to reach $39.5 billion by 2015, this is about 25% of total online travel market. Only six months before their latest prediction, they predicted that mobile bookings were going to triple (the same number!
For example, the same Sojern data shows almost an opposite trend for airlines bookings, with only 3% of airline bookings made the same day versus more than 50% made 31 days or more in advance. The best thing is that iBeacon devices are very inexpensive (< $50), can be loaded with all sorts of sensors, positioned almost anywhere in a store, hotel or airport and will operate for two years on a single coin battery. If you have forgotten an item at home, we have a selection of gear that we can often rent or lend to you for your trip. Would be interesting to see the trends in exclusive trip planning and if that business model can sustain in the long run or would become an additional functionality offered by standard OTAs.

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