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Australian Aboriginal culture varies throughout the continent and people from different regions have different Ancestral Beings, different tools, weapons, basketry and different art styles.
This site looks at how Aboriginal culture was at the time of European arrival, beginning with the record of a man who was shipwrecked in 1846 and survived 17 years with Aborigines in northern Queensland. The publication, Making Fire, has both ethnographic details on Aboriginal and other indigenous people’s fire making methods, and is a practical guide teaching how to really achieve this skill.
During Nature One we are very fortunate as local Gumbaynggirr Elder Mark Flanders joins us to share a meal, share stories about local Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal culture and yarn about traditional  bush foods. Our facilitators all have extensive experience with bush survival skills, are passionate presenters and have each spent considerable time learning from Australian Aboriginal communities, Australian and American mentors. When my husband demonstrated surprising skills at throwing a spear, I thought that we might have a chance to survive, should we ever get stranded  in the Australian Desert.
Aborigines lived here on bush food and water for millennia —  before  civilization introduced them to processed food.

It’s an opportunity to learn directly from someone who lived the traditional Aboriginal culture.
We haven’t seen any bush food since we started walking, so when Mark stops by a witchery bush, I am curious.
Mark learned as a child how to spear and cook a kangaroo:  The skill involved setting it with its legs perfectly straight up over the fire, to keep bad luck away. According to Kim Moore from Tourism Australia Anangu Tours have been replaced by Uluru Aboriginal Tours. Since the arrival of Macassan (Indonesian) on northern Australian shores after 1700 AD, and later European colonisation in 1788, Aboriginal culture has evolved and changed further.
One such skill is the ability to make fire simply from rubbing two sticks of wood together. It is a four day program which introduces you to foundational survival skills, nature awareness techniques and a unique philosophy of deep nature connection.

We cover a range of new skills, dive more deeply into body movement and start to explore the use of wandering and silence in active consciousness as an avenue for deep nature connection. But a guided walk in the bush gave me plenty of food for thought: It turns out that survival in this harsh environment is a lot more complicated than I thought.
After Mark points, draws in the sand and talks, the guide  interpreted it as one of the ways Aborigines got water. The Aboriginal survival skills were hunting; assemble food that was usable, making simple guns to protect themselves. These images are available in the book, 17 Years Wandering Among the Aboriginals, which can be purchased here on line.

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