Here's our first wood- shed , 8x8x8 made from Cedar logs and Cedar slab wood from the local mill. I cut the logs from my property and bought the slab wood for 30 bucks from a local one man lumber mill. It's good exercise and the source of my wife's wry nickname for me, the Saturday Lumberjack.But storing and keeping the wood dry is a hassle.

Using a circular saw, make a shoulder cut and a series of cuts parallel to the shoulder, then remove the scored wood with a wide chisel.
And stacking the wood inside is a poor choice, unless you enjoy the company of insects and mice.The solution is a simple shed.
It keeps the wood from getting soggy and leaves the critters out in the cold, just where the Saturday Lumberjack likes them to be.

Picnic tables plans 8 foot
Shed double door hardware


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