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This traveling tool box is designed to hold your essential hand tools, keeping them close at hand on a benchtop or countertop and tucking away easily when not in use.
I rounded up all the materials, hardware, tools, and drive to build it but thought a proper set of plans would be just the ticket so I ordered them. Building it with hand tools can be a bridge to an era when woodworkers had an abundance of skill but no power tools.

Once you practice the techniques, you'll be more confident with hand tools and eventually may find them indispensable for day-to-day shop tasks. It does this through judicious use of space, holding tools on the inside surfaces of the main doors and on both sides of interior hinged panels, drawers and cubbyholes throughout, and storage space behind the cabinet.
From dovetails to pins and finish options, these plans show you how to build an admirable chest.

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