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The sleeping loft is perched above the French door entrance like a cradle swathed with fresh air that comes in from one of three windows. Be budget-friendly - Aside from the fact that a mezzanine is typically cheaper than a loft conversion, it’s also potentially an option in buildings that aren’t suitable for extending due to planning restrictions, since the structure is internal.Traditional loft-style bedroom in London.
Consider, for example, these stand-alone ideas and built-in solutions from via Remodelista. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes!
De la Vega likens the resting experience in the loft to sleeping outside in the summertime. If you like the idea of a cozy sleeping nook, want to really maximize space and don’t mind climbing, consider a sleeping loft. Once an old garage set on a great lot, this space became a usable, workable minihouse — complete with kitchen, patio, lofted bed and bathroom — thanks to de la Vega's ingenuity, vintage finds and artistic style.
Lofting full-sized beds may be the best-kept secret when it comes to bedroom layouts: they can make room for entire desks or dressers below and represent a far cheaper alternative to moving apartments when you run out of space. Minimalist metal ladders and railings can make a lofted sleeping area feel much less childish, while decorative touches can integrate an elevated portion of a bedroom without rendering it visually detached from core themes of material, color or decor.

Accessed by a ladder or staircase, a sleeping loft can be big enough for a traditional bed frame or just fit a mattress, depending on the height of your ceiling.Design ideas for a contemporary home studio in Salt Lake City with white walls, concrete floors and a built-in desk.
A loft bed could free up tons of floor space for a desk, a sitting area, storage or even another bed.This is an example of a transitional kids room in Vancouver with concrete floors.
Many of today’s top guest room loft beds are custom built to perfectly fit their spaces. Yes, this room sleeps four… [from Robert Young Architects]Loft beds are a guest room solutionWe move to modern rustic territory with these earthy loft beds that allow for maximum accommodation. The traditional room below offers storage, desk space and a place to sleep! [from Hamilton Snowber Architects]Loft bed in a guest room and officeMany people take advantage of loft bed arrangements to include some comfy seating in the room.
A couch, a bed and shelves… All of these items may not fit into your typical college dorm, yet with a little bit of loft power, everything has its own place. Notes can be made on the wall right next to the desk, and the worries of the day can be forgotten once you climb that ladder and settle in for the night. In fact, there’s something kind of earthy and modern about a cozy loft with a crisp and simple bed. Note how an archway cleverly prevents sleepers from rolling out in the room below. [from Ira Lippke for the New York Times]Earthy loft bed in a modern home Check out the interplay of warm wood and bright white in the next loft bedroom.

Either way, you must climb the steps to get there, and there’s plenty of room for storage underneath!
Nothing like a bed that gets its own stage, especially when the stage is this stylish… [from Kia Designs]Elevated bed in a loft bedroomYou can’t go wrong when a loft is this well-appointed! Like this bright orange chair, which sits in the corner and adds a burst of color that pops against the white walls! [via Houzz]This loft accommodates a bed and a chair We end with a picture that proves you can definitely live large in a bedroom loft. And luxury bedding… [from Marco Dellatorre]Deluxe bed in a modern loftTell us about your loft space! Or perhaps you’ve used a loft bed to your advantage in order to accommodate a desk or seating underneath.

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