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Perfect wine storage solutions from Europe’s leading cellar refit specialists, from the classic traditional wood and steel wine rack to the innovative ‘cube’, accommodating 6 bottles to several thousand. Making wine racks in the UK since 1947, we have years of experience in wine storage and cellar design and, as specialists in our field, we are proud to offer our products for general sale and look forward to becoming the single source for all wine storage. EuroCave has created Modulotheque, an exclusive concept in solid oak, the perfect modular storage and display system for your wine. Wine complements dinners, keeps our hearts healthy, moderates weight gain--and it can also decorate our homes. ReadyMade Magazine profiles a Barcelona couple that built kitchen drawers and cabinets out of their wine crate collection."Apart from the look of it, we like having memories embedded in our kitchen, as many of the bottles were either meaningful gifts or shared with friends," kitchen cabinet co-creator, Petz Scholtus, tells ReadyMade. For those interested in displaying their wine collection's labels can purchase mountable wine racks designed by the UK-based company, VintageView. The Modulotheque allows you to make maximum use of whatever space you have and to look after your wine and to make a prestigious and personalised piece of furniture that will evolve with your needs.

This system for which EuroCave is rightly famous enables you to choose the arrangement best suited to your wine and the storage space available. The wine bottle instantly became part of the apartment decor after Cachet purchased a candelabra cork that fit into the neck of the bottle. When designer and TV personality, Courtney Cachet, went to visit her family in the South of France two years ago, she returned to the States with a beautiful empty bottle of wine made by a local winery in Cassis.
For her wine-loving client, interior decorator, Deb Barrett, framed old wine labels she found at a flea market and clustered them with a vintage wine art poster to display on her client's fireplace mantel.
Wine enthusiasts Fima and Nelli Magielovich of Brooklyn, NY, keep each week's wine selection in their dining room's wooden built-in wine rack.
Just ask designer and TV personality, Courtney Cachet, who brought home empty wine bottles from her trip to the South of France in order to repurpose them as oil and vinegar containers and candelabra stands.
Interior designer Olga Adler installed a sleek wine cooler in a client's kitchen while giving his home a face lift.

Longing to recreate a memorable trip to Tuscany, she hired a contractor to realize her vision of a built-in wine rack in the living room of her Westport, Conn. If you're a wine-cork collector, she suggests buying an inexpensive, tall, cylinder glass vase from stores like IKEA or Crate&Barrel and filling it with your favorite corks. And a friend of Cachet's--a wine distributor in Miami--saved a wine crate and used it as a base for his living room coffee table, which stands atop of a bear-skin rug.
When entertaining at home, pull out the wines from your cellar or wine cooler to excite guests' palates. It also presents you as a cook, and your guests with a nice menu of options to accompany your food," says Ted Allen, spokesman for Robert Mondavi Private Selection wines and host of Food Network's cooking competition show, "Chopped." Allen displays only the bottles he intends to serve at meals to his guests.

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