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Dremel has a set of three of MultiTool kits that include a Dremel 3000 rotary tool with an innovative EZ nose cap.
DIY and hobby enthusiasts can now undertake projects with more precision with Dremel’s comprehensive range of multitool attachments. With summer just around the corner it's time to get out those dull and rusty garden tools and restore them to good condition ready for use in the garden. This weekend I hosted yet another DIY Divas Dremel Workshop and it was quite nice that some of those attending brought along their own Dremel tools to find out how to use them for various projects. Dremel asked me to come up with a project idea for Mother's Day using the Dremel Micro Multitool.
Use yoghurt cups to make drawer dividers, craft and hobby storage containers, makeup or jewellery organisers. Dremel has some fantastic power tools in its range, and continues to add even more exciting tools. The special carbide bits are specially engineered to work with the Dremel TRIO and are supplied as a kit that includes a beading, a rabbet, a flush trim, a cove and a V-groove bit.

If you own a Dremel Rotary Tool, you can easily transform a plain piece into something unique. In this feature I'm not going to show you how to make the cabinet, but rather how easy it is to use a Dremel MultiTool for carving. If you own a Dremel MultiTool, you can easily craft your own decorations using nothing more than branches cut from your own garden. With the new Multi-Max, Dremel brings a superior consumer experience to the cordless oscillating tool category. With a love of wild animals, and particularly the Zebra, I decided to engrave this very cheap glass jug using my Dremel Engraver.
By request, this week I'm going to show you how easy it is to use a Dremel Trio for carving a welcome sign. If you own a Dremel MultiTool or Dremel Engraver, you can create these wonderful intricate carved lace eggs for yourself, or as special gifts for family and friends. But the weather has taken its toll on them, so I used my Dremel MultiTool and a few accessories to restore them.

This wind chime has delicate feathers cut from an old aluminium coffee can using the Dremel Micro Multitool and accessories included as part of the complete kit.
To overcome this lack of local supply, I use my Dremel Trio to make custom trim, mouldings and onlays for a variety of projects. If you are looking for that perfect gift for someone who loves crafty DIY, then Dremel will have a tool that is perfect. I am busy making a Dog Kennel for the Easy DIY magazine and thought this would be a great opportunity to put the Dremel Saw Max to use, to see exactly what it can do. You don't have to use a Dremel Trio for this project, you can use any Dremel MultiTool and an engraving cutter for this project. These ingenious tools and attachments will allow you to handle an extremely wide variety of DIY and creative crafts and projects.

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