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And of course, the diagrams and cut list follow if you are needing to organize some closet space on a budget! NOTES: If closet has a baseboard, use a jigsaw to cut notch out of back of closet system for baseboard. Easy Track organization systems can add order to everything in your home, from shirts and shoes in your master closet to soup cans in your kitchen pantry. Our closet organization kits come with everything you need in one box, and they’re easy to install yourself. If do-it-yourself closet installation is not for you, the professionals at ORG Home can design and install a custom organization system tailored to your needs.
The lovely photos below is other parts of What do you need to build your own closet post which is grouped within Ideas and Advices. We are getting ready to move and will have to start from square one with everything, including closets.

But if I can suggest- when you're drilling those holes for the pegs on the inside of the closet with the pegboard as your guide please use a stop block- a small piece of wood with a hole for the drill bit, exactly the right height to stop the drill from going too deep into the wood. Whether it's a walk-in closet, pantry, overflow storage, laundry room, family lockers, or a kid's closet, Easy Track can multiply your storage space while enhancing your decor. Just fasten the Easy Track rail system to the wall, hang the panels from the rail, and attach the hanging rods. With numerous closet system configurations ranging from two to eleven feet wide, Easy Track makes the most of every inch of storage space, from bedroom closets to laundry rooms, craft rooms, entryways, and other areas of the home. Before you start to make your own closet get the following tools and units: a saw, a clamp, screws, hinges, pulls and magnetic clips.
You can also add adjustable shelves, drawers, storage baskets, corner shelves, slanted shoe racks, sliding tie racks, and other closet accessories to create the perfect custom closet for any space and anything you want to store. My walk-in master closet needs a refresh -- this would be perfect, but I would need to modify for the corners.

The clothes sits flush in the closet with 16".One thing to consider, if you did go 24" deep, you could put doors on the closet too, inset like the drawers. Just click on other photo in this gallery, if you want to watch picture about What do you need to build your own closet. As soon as you are building it yourself, you may fit the sizes of your future stuff into the space of the room it will be placed in.
Watch Youtube video - you will get the main ideas how to build your own closet organization system.
If you are not ready yet to start building your own closet, but still want an original unit, you may order a custom closet online.

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