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Our range of wood raised garden beds is very complete, with every type of suitable wood available including cypress, red gum and ACQ pine. Our complete range of timber raised garden beds include Cypress timber, Red Gum Timber and ACQ timber.
If you’ve been putting off installing a raised garden bed to grow your own fruits and vegetables, there is now no excuse to stall any longer. Both gardens can be assembled in variable dimensions, making them ideal for urban settings with soil and space constraints.
Care2 is the largest and most trusted information and action site for people who care to make a difference in their lives and the world. Raised garden bed ideas are the heavy garden, start from flower, fruit, or vegetable garden, with the raised place by using some unused furniture as the place for your garden in your lovely home.

Garden beds require less fill and can hold more water, lasting longer between the hot weeks in the peak of summer. Scout Regalia in LA has put together a stylish hardware kit complete with instructions; you supply the wood, plants, and labor. For soil drainage, the kit includes a drainage textile made of 40 percent post-industrial recycled content. Consider using reclaimed or locally harvested wood for your garden bed; Scout Regalia offers already-assembled beds made with wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
You should consider more about having the garden in your home because if you decide to create the raised garden, you can save more money from it.
Making the raised garden is an easy way for you if you want to have your own garden in home.

If you have more references in making the raised garden, you have to look on the internet about it.
You just have to decide first, what kind of garden that you want for this idea whether you will use the flower, fruit, vegetables or mix of them. It will guide you to choose, make, build, and place it to the right location for your new garden, so that the plant will grow up easily.

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