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Draining A Swimming Pool Not rated yetThe rains in San Diego have necessitated the need for me to take some water out of the pool. Incorrect PH levels have a big affect on the water chemistry and can cause sanitizers not to work affectively. If your pool has gone completely green there are chemical treatments that can be used to clear it. If you have any questions feel free to contact PoolStar the Henderson swimming pool cleaning service. PoolStar™ can help you with any of these problems and treat as needed to get your pool looking blue again. Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority!PoolStar™ is a premier Certified Pool and Spa Operator that is a dependable, professional, licensed and insured, family-owned business that provides full service swimming pool cleaning and pool maintenance in Henderson and Las Vegas. This type of algae in pool water is usually present in some way, shape, or form in most pools but is so small that it won't cause any swimming pool problems. Proper balance of all your swimming pool water chemistry will greatly reduce the opportunity for blue-green algae pool water. SAFETY FIRSTAlways take the proper precautions in dealing with these types of pool chemicals and read the manufacture’s labels.Use heavy duty rubber gloves and goggles and keep pool chlorine out of reach of children and pets.
In Atlanta, we love spending family time in our swimming pools, but if your pool is looking more green than blue, it’s time to schedule a professional pool cleaning. The water is green or cloudy: This can be caused by using the wrong amount of chemicals or your pool filtration system could need maintenance.

Your pool looks like a swamp: This can be caused by not winterizing your pool at the end of the season or faulty pool equipment.
Whenever you see the color of your pool turning to anything but blue – call us immediately so that we can identify the problem before someone in your family gets sick and take care of mechanical failures that will avoid costly repairs. If you are ready to start relaxing and enjoying your pool instead of cleaning it, give us a call at (404) 254-1616 and let us do the work for you!
The most common reasons for a green pool or algae to form are listed below and also the ways to resolve them.
The only way to lower the TDS is to fully or partially drain the pool or some other form of water replacement. There are various forms of algaecides ensure your pool is treated with it and continued maintenance dosages added as needed. Test the water chemistry prior to adding anything as if the cyanuric acid or TDS levels are too high it may not be affective and a pool drain or water replacement might be needed. We provide green to cleans without having to drain the pool and we can also do chlorine washes, pressure washes and acid washes depending on what’s needed. Our services include pool cleaning, acid wash, green to clean, drain and refill, filter cleaning and more. Use these swimming pool care and maintenance tips to reduce weekly pool maintenance cost for your in ground, above ground and salt water pool.
Dirty pool water is the leading cause of two very serious health issues; Cryptosporidium (or Crypto), which is caused by a parasite that creates a diarrheal disease, and Swimmer’s Ear, which if not treated promptly can lead to long-term problems such as hearing loss and deep tissue infection.

We can check and repair your pool filters and create a plan to keep your chemicals balanced properly. Ensure it’s kept at the correct level between 1-3ppm for pools and raised to 10ppm when shocking the pool.
Lack of water flow due to either a blockage or some other reason as well as dirty or poor condition filters. There are now some chemicals that can be used to lower the CYA or water replacement is needed.
Ensure that your pool pump is running long enough so that the entire water contents of your pool filters through the filter tank within a 24 hour period. PoolStar™ uses natural mineral products that sanitize with less chemicals providing a healthier, safer, eco-friendly swimming environment. This can be filtered out through vacuuming the bottom of the pool.Keep brushing and vacuuming to rid the pool and any residual algae and remember to keep filtering and backwashing to get rid of the swimming pool algae. Pool water in the Henderson and Las vegas area does need to be replaced periodically when certain levels become too high a pool drain is needed.
There are treatments available like a green to clean process that can clear the pool water without having to drain the pool, a water chemical analysis will determined if this is possible.

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