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Namibia is not only the least densely populated country of the world; it is also one of the driest. I had planned the trip to coincide with new moon, so that we would have pitch-dark nights with lots of stars.
As I was shooting with a D3X, I converted the star shots to jpeg after raw conversion before stacking them in PS, to keep the file size manageable. About the Photographer: Marsel van Oosten is an award-winning professional nature photographer from The Netherlands.

Marsel van Oosten lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with producer and videographer Daniella Sibbing.
Teaching & learningCircling The Dead - Landscape Photography by Marsel van Oosten WE AND THE COLOR is a blog for your daily art and design inspiration. The clear desert air is perfect for shooting stars and star trails, so that's one of the things we always try on each year's Namibia tour.
For this shot of a dead camelthorn tree in Deadvlei I made a 58 second exposure for the master image, during which I painted the tree and the foreground with a small torch and a warm-up gel.

Together they organize specialized wildlife and landscape photography tours and workshops for small groups to spectacular locations worldwide. In his work Van Oosten tries to simplify, to get rid of the extraneous: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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