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The word landscape has been used for hundreds of years to encompass aspects of art, laws and geography. The concept of landscape approaches for sustainable development has been around for decades. The aim of a landscapes approach, as we have expressed in the objectives of the Global Landscapes Forum, is to contribute to sustainable development and support actions to curb climate change. The graph above illustrates how different types of landscapes can be mapped into these two dimensions. Peter I quite agree with your thoughts on the landscape definition, as having that human institution element that defines the landscape scale.
This collection of innovations, lessons, and emerging good practices forms a basis for identifying the practical elements need to guide the growing community of landscape leaders and practitioners to co-design effective landscape governance systems. By incorporating the experiences of landscape actors, practitioners and researchers, this paper serves as a collection of innovations, lessons and best practices.

A study of 104 initiatives in 21 countries paints a picture of integrated landscape management in Latin America and the Caribbean. This brief summarizes the latest research and best practice in integrated landscape governance in Africa, identifying key knowledge and practice gaps or areas for improvement.
The authors conducted a systematic review and characterization of integrated landscape approaches in Africa. And we need a definition that encompasses human interests and actions, as well as the biophysical constitution of the landscape. Landscape scientists have fruitfully explored the behavior of individuals and society regarding land management decisions. It provides the foundation for the governance actions in the African Landscapes Action Plan. In fact, it is so inclusive that a given location would always be part of several landscapes of different scales at the same time.

Similarly landscapes (their definition) change depending on the interaction of humans with land resources. But findings have not been compiled across disciplines and sectors, or scaled up to a landscape level. Convention on Biological Diversity, an intergovernmental process, has recently included the landscape concept in their negotiation process. We can call this landscape governance and should acknowledge that such governance arrangements can be wildly different and exist as entirely informal as well as strictly formal arrangements.
This is perfectly fine and also reflects the layers of simultaneous governance situations we find ourselves in.

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