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Start adding a few specific details to your outline, like drawing people or some pebbled pathway. Find a land scape to draw, start by simply looking at the picture and seeing what you notice first.
Finish of your landscape color in the tunnel black,make the stones for the bridge on top, make the rocks and river a bit darker, and generally touch up where it needs it.
A landscape design is a fee-based service in which you receive a complete, to-scale drawing that incorporates all the elements of your landscape.  This conceptual and detailed plan is the ultimate vision of your outdoor living space. Some clients choose to execute their landscaping in phases in order to meet their financial goals.  With this phasing plan your outdoor living space will be constructed in stages so that the end result is exactly what you envision while still meeting your annual landscape budget.

We then develop the final Landscape Design (including 3D renderings) that provides you with all of the detail required to move forward with implementation. At Dreamestate Landscaping we are genuinely committed to providing excellence in professionalism, quality and customer service.
With a few simple strokes of the pencil, you can capture any landscape and take it home on a piece of paper.
Although not all landscapes have bears or horses, most have some living creatures of some sort. You can make your landscape look much more realistic by including a few different types of trees.

Try to add hidden animals and creatures, such as birds in trees and fish under the water, instead of putting multiple large creatures in your landscape.

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