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Owning a landscaping or lawn care business is exciting because you probably hope that the company will ultimately grow. Whether you're new to the landscaping business or you've been in the game some time, you may have questions about what to spend on your marketing. It's a great time to be a landscaper, so long as you know how to build your business effectively.
If you plan to charge for plowing snow anywhere beyond your own property, you should carry snowplow insurance.
No matter how meaningful and creative your advertising, prospects still see it as a paid message from a landscape company anxious to make a sale.
A landscaping business is built by other means, typically authoritative, third-party recommendations from sources such as friends, relatives, the media and other professional contacts.

New or unknown landscaping companies in the Holland market shouldn't waste their money (see Rule #1 and #2).
If your landscaping company is perceived in a certain way, then your advertising needs to back up the perceptions. If your landscaping business is known for one thing, you cannot become known for something else by advertising. Even though my old landscaping company shared the same regional market in Michigan as Landscape Design Services, the prospects my company tried to reach were much different than those of LDS.
Green industry companies should take a cue from the big brands.Your advertising should encourage potential customers to sign up for your company newsletter, become a "fan" of your Facebook Page or subscribe to your blog. If I were consulting with Landscape Design Services I would encourage them to create a company Facebook Page on which they could post a weekly "how to" landscaping video.

The most important thing to understand about advertising is that it will not build your brand. If you have already built a strong and powerful brand in your community through other means, then you should consider advertising in order to defend and maintain your position.

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