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If you find you are getting less pleasure from your pond, stream or pondless waterfall than you would like, the chances are it is time for a clean out and or an upgrade. The addition of an overflowing ceramic pot or basalt column can be a very effective addition to an existing Water Garden.Also a wonderful way to add the element of water to a different part of your landscape. PondMagic installed two permanent outdoor Water Features at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds in April 2008.

One of the best things we have ever done is to have PondMagic design and build us an excellent water garden. A cleanout involves draining the water, cleaning and power washing the rocks, refilling the feature with clean water, thinning out water plants and adding some new ones. The system uses the interactions of a biological water filter, mechanical pond skimmer, rocks and gravel, aquatic plants and fish to achieve balance in the water quality.

The area around the Water Features is landscaped with a patio, trellis, large seating stones even a few small goldfish in the pond!

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