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More efficient water features, the blending of ornamental plants with edible ones and creativing havens for wildlife should be big next year. HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- As the dawn of 2012 approaches we are bombarded with new trends in cars, electronics, cuisine, fashion and even gardening.
On the other extreme, we are having to deal with excessive storm water run-off in many of our areas. With more construction and the change from natural areas to the constructed environment, the handling of run-off water is problematic. Many gardeners have long understood the soothing effect of water and water features in the landscape.

One area that is gathering momentum is the use of rain gardens to control excessive storm water run-off in both commercial and residential landscapes.
However, many of us have come to realize the maintenance costs and issues associated with large water ponds and gardens.
Specially constructed gardens have the ability to absorb large amounts of water within the landscape, thus minimizing the drainage infrastructure that must be built and reducing the polluting impact of storm water on our watersheds.
The use of bubbling rocks, pondless ponds and re-circulating urns or containers provide the sound and cooling effect of water without many of the headaches associated with maintaining elaborate water features. As many more cities and municipalities are faced with problems supplying adequate water to increasing populations, our landscape plantings are often considered a luxury.

Choosing plants that can take extended periods of drought without needed supplemental water are becoming more the norm in creating sustainable landscapes.

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