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Learn how to build a pondless waterfall style water feature with a stream using a Berkey Waterfall & Stream Kit. Berkey Waterfall & Stream Kits provide advantages over other pondless waterfall systems. To download a printable PDF version of the following how to build a waterfall guide click here.
When mapping out the path of your water feature, consider bends in the stream and waterfall drops. Make sure that the water feature is following the appropriate length and width determined by the selected system.
In a Vanishing Water™ installation the Filter Tank Reservoir Reservoir can be located remotely from the end of the water feature. To end your water feature as shown below to the left, excavate 6” deep at the same width as the stream.
A natural looking stream shows signs of erosion from years of water carving a path through the landscape. If the start of the waterfall will be placed directly at the viewing eye level, a slightly recessed starter disguises the hardware and provides a more natural start to the water feature. Now that you have established where finish grade will be around the water feature you can excavate for the Filter Tank Reservoir.
At the top of the stream repeat “Connecting to Liner” (section 6-2 and 6-3, steps 1-5) using the smaller tracing disc and 3” pipe included in the Waterfall Starter Kit.
At each waterfall drop, place a strip of concrete over the extended fabric to force the water flow over the weir rocks. The air vent on the T40SP Expansion Reservoir helps create a smooth transition for water flowing in and out of the tanks. The overflow allows excess rainwater to go out of the overflow rather then puddling up at the base of the water feature.
When the system is turned off, water in the stream refills the Filter Tank Reservoir and Expansion Tanks to the bottom of the “Overflow” port.
Note: If neither of the above options are possible, excess rain water can be drained into a gravel swamp at a location away from the Filter Tank Reservoir.
Water should return to the Filter Tank Reservoir before all the water is pumped out of the tank. Make sure that the system can be turned off and then turned back on without having to add water. Make sure that the terrain around the Filter Tank Reservoir is graded so surface water does not collect around the unit. If you are installing an Auto-Fill device and a Pump Shut-off, make sure the Auto-Fill is positioned above the Pump Shut-off level so water can be added before the pump switch turns the pump off.

Our waterfall water feature kit systems allow all water to disappear from the surface when the pump is turned off, keeping it out of sight in an underground filter system.
Our bubbling rock water feature kits present the option of a vanishing pool at the base of the columns and also provide installation and servicing conveniences. Whether designed as a landscape water feature focal point or as an interactive water garden, a pond provides natural tranquility and adds a sense of completeness to the landscape. Halfway between a Waterfall System and a full size Pond system, is a Hybri-Pond™ system. As well as adding an element of refinement, fountains and architectural landscape water features add an artistic focal point and often define a specific area or section of the landscape. These decorative waterfall rocks are made from a light weight, and extremely strong synthetic material that looks completely natural and realistic. If a complete kit is not required,take a look at our pool waterfallsavailable without the edge rocks.
This step-by-step guide provides detailed directions for building a pondless waterfall & stream as well as system maintenance information. A clog-free reservoir, pump-protection filtering, and easy access to system hardware are just a few of the many unique advantages not provided with other pondless water feature systems on the market.
In relation to the end, the top of the Filter Tank Reservoir can be placed even with the ground level around the water feature (at grade) or it can be placed downhill from the water feature (below grade). With a Berkey System you can place the Filter Tank Reservoir away from the water feature enabling you to customize your intake route to best fit your landscape.
This will allow water to drop below the top of the Fixed Skimmer and below the top of the gravel when the pump is turned off. Avoid a “flying stream look” where water runs over the surface or appears elevated without any aging or character.
Waterfall drops bunch and gather liner from the sides, so give yourself plenty of liner to work with in these areas. This will cushion the liner from heavy rock placements and also allow any pooling water to slowly drain through the fabric when the system is shut off. Dig the hole so the top rim of the Filter Tank Reservoir is level with the lowest edge of the water feature. If the Filter Tank Reservoir is level with the water feature, dig the intake trench so the pipe will be level. Then firmly backfill over the intake pipe so that it will stay level when it comes time to fill the system with water. Rain water will replenish any evaporation loss until the water level in the Filter Tank Reservoir rises to the bottom of the overflow.
This is suggested when you have a slope in your landscape that supports excess water run off.

If you are installing an optional Auto-Fill or Pump Shut-Off, these should be positioned (see section 10) before adding water.
The Eccentric Coupling can be rotated to lower the operating water level (A), and for high flows the Fixed Skimmer opening can also be cut down (B). The Fixed Skimmer can be hidden with natural elements or finished with a Stainless Steel Grate (use the riser kit if there will be leaves falling into the stream). Without a pump running, there isn't any surface water and therefore no water is lost to evaporation.
Please contact us with any questions regarding the installation of a Berkey Waterfall & Stream System.
The following instruction is a general reference to keep the water flow within the stream channel and help you build a natural looking water feature. This will not only keep the flow of water within the stream, but also create the illusion that the water feature is a natural part of the landscape, not an addition to it. Keep in mind that all water that laps or splashes against a sidewall must be able to flow back into the channel. Excess rain water will now flow out the overflow to prevent a standing pool of water from developing over the top of the gravel when the system is not in use.
If you intend to turn the system off regularly, additional water storage should be added (T40SP Expansion Reservoir).
This beautiful pool waterfall kit is outstanding for in-ground swimming pools and makes a great splash for pool parties while adding relaxing and meditative sounds of a waterfalls. The Spirit waterfall kits is to be an excellent addition to your outdoor or indoor pool decor, and will surely be the centerpiece of all your backyard get-togethers.
If you don’t have much of a slope to work with, as an alternative you can choose to create water flowing from a boulder or rock grouping. The overall footprint of these landscape water features can still occupy the same surface area, but in a more resource friendly configuration. Also these grand pool features are excellent for turning your pool landscape into a tropical water garden.The Spirit pool waterfall kit comes with a main waterfall feature and two matching edge rocks for a total length of 108 inches. We offer a outdoor water feature kit to fit the size and type of landscape water feature project that you are invisioning. This backyard pool feature and waterfalls kit comes with a 1.5 inch (40mm) water outlet fitting that can be hooked up to your existing pool pump.

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