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Charlotte had been a banking and real estate lawyer whose true love was gardens and English style ornaments. We realize we are using a factory to support our passion for gardening." In late summer '88, Charlotte went to a lecture about perennials.
The speaker was Daniel Ward, who had been curator of perennials at the Chicago Botanic Gardens and was horticulture director at Iverson Perennial Gardens. Prior to getting a loan that the Wards say they paid off ahead of schedule, banks in Murphysboro and Carbondale said no.

Because we pay taxes and they don't." The Wards brought in peacocks - presently seven adults and "four football size children" - to roam the grounds, adding an elegant beauty. It's like Virginia or Tuscany.' " The Wards seem unequivocally bought in to their deep-in-the-woods southern Illinois lifestyle.
Today, the couple's company, Classic Garden Ornaments, Ltd., produces 15 to 30 pieces (planters, pedestals, finials) daily at Longshadow Gardens. Longshadow has its own catalog, but business is primarily done by word of mouth, working through architects, professional gardeners and artists around the country and world.

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