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A professionally designed plan from a VSLD Certified Landscape Designer is a wise investment and the starting point for your future garden. Established in 2003, Marcia Fryer Landscape Designs specializes in the design, planning, and development of custom landscapes and hardscapes for some of Richmond, Virginia’s finest homes and properties. Founder and CEO Marcia Fryer is a certified member of the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers, Garden Club of America, and the Gillette Forum Committee of the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.
Marcia combines ongoing educational workshops with a broad knowledge of construction and site engineering to design for a wide range of landscapes and architectural styles.
With her high attention to detail and a natural ability to collaborate with clients, she builds  a unique and individualized landscape reflecting the homeowners tastes and desires, while taking the existing architecture and site conditions into consideration. Her work has been featured on the Gillette Forum Garden Tour, the Virginia Garden Tour, and in The Richmond Times Dispatch.

Some of our clients have homes that are featured in Virginia's prestigious Historic Garden Week. She received her training from The George Washington Landscape Design Program in Association with Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Offering availability and attention to detail by the designer at all times throughout the entire process (including development and construction) results in a beautiful property that meets and exceeds all of the client’s criteria for the project. When you contact Grigg Design the first thing we will do is set up an on-site interview to assess your home and talk about ideas and options available. We’ll ask a lot of questions regarding how you want to use the landscape, how much entertaining you do, if you have favorite plants and even favorite colors.Blending the creative and the practical is what we do best. Landscaping is the process by which you take a structure and tie it to the existing surrounding landscape so that everything looks attractively natural.

Using a combination of these principals while using the different colors, textures and forms of plants is how you get the perfect landscape.Not to be forgotten is budget. We can provide guidance with regards to cost and also design projects so that they can be done all at once or in phases.
All of these factors are considered before your Virginia Certified landscape designer starts the design of your personal landscape project.The Hardscape is your usable part of the landscape. The style of the hardscape as well as the material used all need to compliment the home and the surrounding landscape.

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