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July 18, 2013 By Angela England 2 Comments These vertical vegetable garden ideas will help you get started with your vertical garden design ideas.
Vertical Spice Rack Garden Vertical Spice Rack Garden DIY I love this simple remodel by A Suburban Farmer of a hanging spice rack into a vertical vegetable garden perfect for small greens and herbs. Trellis Plan for Vertical Gardening With Tomatoes Tomato Trellis Plan – Vertical Garden DIY Speaking of tomatoes, this large garden trellis plan is perfect for anyone with just a tad more space who still wants the benefits of vertical vegetable gardening.
Vertical Herb Garden DIY These stacked gardening containers are a simple way to create your own vertical gardening structure.

If you’re wondering how to build a trellis or how to set up your vertical vegetable garden, see these awesome DIYs. A classic vertical garden icon, the vegetable teepee is perfect for squash, peas, and pole beans. When you put together your stacked herb garden you can place these pots wherever you need them – on a patio, balcony, or near the mailbox for curb appeal.
I love herbs and spices, and the vertical spice rack garden is going to be my first weekend project.

See Chris McLaughlin’s post on Homegrown and Handmade for more vertical vegetable gardening ideas. It’s a great way to grow a vertical tower of plants that would otherwise require a lot of space to raise.

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