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Download our free vegetable garden plans, designs, and layout planning diagrams to help plan your garden!
Don't plant your garden too early, and experience the frustration of having to start over again.Use our gardening diary to keep a permanent record to guide you in the coming years. Learn more about companion planting flowers in your vegetable garden!Flowers add color and beauty to a vegetable garden, and can also provide organic pest control.Don't miss out on having a healthy and beautiful garden this year! These garden layouts shown in the above plans are to help you when designing a home vegetable garden.
The KGI Garden Planner makes it easy to draw out your vegetable beds, add plants and move them around to get the perfect layout. The KGI Garden Planner has over 130 vegetables, herbs and fruit and detailed growing information is just a click away.

The KGI Garden Planner adapts to your own area using our database of over 5000 weather stations.
The KGI Garden Planner works just like software you are familiar with, including features such as undo, copy and paste. Either feet and inches or metric units are supported and any shape of garden can be created. As you add vegetables the space they require is clearly shown by the colored area around each plant and it calculates how many plants will fit into the area. Print your own personalized planting chart showing how many of each plant you require and when to sow, plant and harvest them. Twice a month the KGI Garden Planner sends email reminders of what needs planting from your garden plans.
Organize which crops will follow on from others using the succession planting feature and see how your garden will look for each month of the year.

Whether you use traditional row planting, raised beds or Square Foot Gardening the KGI Garden Planner adapts to suit your gardening style.
And what's more, when you use the Planner, you're helping the garden cause as a percentage from each subscription goes to fund KGI's educational and philanthropic work.

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