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With flexible drawing tools and an extensive database of plants, the Almanac Garden Planner app makes it easy to design the perfect garden layout. Your life will be made easier because the Garden Planner issues reminders of when to plant the crops in your plans twice a month by email.
Unlike most tools out there, the Almanac Garden Planner will work with practically any size or shape of garden.
For example, some folks enjoy designing on the desktop screen and taking the mobile device out to the garden to implement plans, shoot garden photos, and take notes on progress! For those of us lucky enough to not live in the middle of the city or to have a little land to call our own, the garden is often the most neglected part of the family home.
Here then are my top 5 picks for garden planner apps and sites; online and for your PC, Mac, and iPad. GrowVeg is a premium, online subscription based garden planner web-app; they also have a standalone iPad app called Garden Plan Pro which I gave superbly high praise to back in January. The iPad app is available for $4.99 and is by far the best tablet garden planner out there. Though separate products, your plans can be synchronized between the online site and the iPad, giving you access out in the field while you do the serious planning work online. The Recommend Plan is also a superb feature found nowhere else; simply choose the plants you want, make sure all your settings are correct, and Smart Gardener will automatically create a plan for you with ideal placements, and even take into consideration a 4 year crop rotation schedule. If you’re in the US and not interested in the minutiae of placements and planning, Sprout Robot is a wonderfully simple little web app that tells you what to plan week by week – customized to your zip code’s growing conditions. This web planner is a pseudo 3D visualizer that allows you to place 3D objects onto some predefined backgrounds.

Summer is upon us (in the northern hemisphere, at least) and that means barbecues, getting out in the garden, mowing the lawn and tending to your window boxes.
One of the key factors in growing your own vegetables is ensuring you rotate your crops every year to avoid a build up of disease and prevent a complete depletion of nutrients. The Garden Planner has planting guides for the most important home garden vegetable varieties – including heirloom tomatoes, pumpkins and carrots, through to lettuce, potato and corn. The Garden Planner helps you grow your own food – sustainably – and helps you learn from your garden. I agree with respect to the quality of the garden app market; many have great info and a range of functions, but few make it all come together in a beautiful package.
I just bought your garden planner, It let me create a map but it keep crashing every time I clicked on the map feature!
Whether you plant in traditional rows, plant raised beds, or use the SFG method, the Garden Planner can help you achieve the ideal plan for the space that you have. Personally, I prefer to just buy a tonne of seeds then plant them wherever they will fit every week, but I’m sure some of you like a little more forward planning. If the supplied generic scenes closely match your home or garden then great, otherwise you’ll need to upgrade in order to upload your own garden images. Make it a resolution – whether it’s a garden makeover to change that boring lawn, or the start of a fulfilling journey to complete self sufficiency in vegetables – gardening is wonderful. You not only track when they are planted and when to harvest, but the garden app guides to through the growing seasons, with tasks and reminders, that are plugged in to smart weather updates for your location. From here you can use interactive companion planting and crop rotation information and watch a map representation of your garden grow!

The Garden Planner suggests what to plant now in your location, notifies you when it’s time to do important garden tasks, taking weather into account, and shows you forecasts of when your vegetables will be ready to harvest.
Our app at the moment is probably more in the Gardenate style (very time-based) but will move into spatial (your actual garden in the app for crop rotation and companion planting) over the coming months. If you know of a good garden design plan app for Android, do please get in touch in the comments.
Experienced gardeners use The Garden Planner to schedule and track successive plantings to plan for long, productive harvests.
I am planning to purchase an iPad soon to use at home and for teaching, though I have an iPod touch (current gen). CHeck in the Settings –> Updates to see whether you need to update the softaware in the iPad.
Now though when I try and open up my garden beds in the garden map it just closes the program down.
Rise up, and MakeUseOf these wonderful apps and website to plan your complete garden makeover.
If you have some specific plants in mind and you’d like to see how they’d look in your garden, this is a great tool, but otherwise limited in functionality.

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