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A potential and probable problem for nearly any vegetable garden is that of keeping animals out.
With all the various critters who would like nothing more than to eat up your vegetable garden, a fence is a very good defense. Here are a few random pictures of fences around vegetable gardens that I extracted from the web. Another trick I have read is spray (or dust) Diatomaceous Earth around the garden perimeter.
Have read that a bar or two of deodorant soap like Irish Spring placed in the garden keeps the deer away.

I have separate smallish garden boxes for each, as once they are well established, they frankly spread like weeds. I have heard but never tried that if you run a a electrified wire around your garden about 4′ or so and wrap aluminum foil around it every few feet then put peanut butter on it the deer will go to the peanut butter first get shocked and never come back again. My brother in law has a lot of deer on his property in TN and planted a garden and had no problems.
Ensure ones garden seems their very best with his garden options, skilled gardening guidelines, landscape designs advice, outside redecorating thoughts, and also inspirational garden travels. Now I’m no expert on gardening, but I would suggest it may be something other than the sun.

Nothing works except fencing (1 inch square openings) all the way around and on the tops of the garden spaces. He fenced it in and also planted some veggies outside of the garden for the deer to eat and did not have any deer or rodents, etc get to his garden.
There are a number of ways to go about it, and I’m looking around the internet at pictures and ideas as well as the experiences from others who have adapted a fence for their own vegetable garden.

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