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The new streetscape provides a lively pedestrian experience with new street trees, lighting and street furniture. The five-acre South development, bordered by Hope Street to the west, 11th Street to the north, Grand Avenue to the east and 12th Street to the south, has become a 24-hour urban neighborhood with the infusion of new residents and businesses.
The streetscape’s accessible outdoor spaces include a 6,267-square-foot landscaped garden that is open to the public during the day and gated for security at night.
A new at-grade, curbed landscaped median and broad street trees create a canopy over the roadway. New street trees and generous landscaped areas form intimate spaces highlighted by decorative pavers that represent abstract area rugs. Artist Mark Reigelman II contributed to the streetscape by sculpting metal fencing to protect the planting beds.
The award, which was presented at the AIA California Practice Conference in San Diego, California, on November 14, recognizes outstanding urban design.

In addition to nearby dining and entertainment options that create a vibrant urban lifestyle, South offers Angelenos pedestrian-friendly streetscapes and green spaces where residents and visitors can relax and mingle. As a key part of this plan, the reconfiguration and redevelopment of East 12th Street replaced uncrossable, raised-concrete medians with new pedestrian-friendly walkways, vibrant street trees and landscaping, intricate paving patterns and public art that create a fresh and inviting residential and office mixed-use environment.
The reduction of vehicle lanes allowed the addition of bike lanes, on street angled parking and increased landscape areas. The plant palette was carefully devised to withstand the tough urban environmental conditions.
The revitalized streetscape gives Cleveland an exciting and active urban district, connecting and unifying investments, while setting the stage for further development. Implemented streetscape investments promote walking, bicycling, the use of public transportation and economic development.
The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority was a strong partner in the street’s reconstruction, providing new bus shelters that continue the modern aesthetic and character of the streetscape.

The public art elements integrate with the streetscape design to transform what was a dull concrete-dominated streetscape into a neighborhood amenity. This collaborative and coordinated effort led to the reconfiguration of East 12th Street, reclaiming and repurposing the public right-of-way into a modern pedestrian-friendly urban corridor. By decreasing the amount of pavement, the design team was able to refocus the street’s purpose from a pass through to a true urban place.

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