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Whenever I'm photographing urban landscapes and scenes, I try to inject a sense of personality or commentary into the shot.
Next time you're in a city with your camera, try to photograph your surroundings in a way that puts them in context, and says something, good or bad, about the place and its people. Small details can really add atmosphere to an urban landscape photo, so try to include them alongside the more obvious subjects such as impressive buildings or monuments. Getting away from public areas often provides a truer representation of the place and a more engaging photograph.
Some urban landscape photos have been shot in exactly the same way so many times that they begin to lose their interest and appeal. Rather than getting sucked into the same trap, treat the subject as if you've never seen it photographed before, and spend some time thinking about how you want to capture it, and what features you find interesting.

As with any naturally-lit subject, urban landscapes look dramatically different at different times of the day. Early morning is a great time for photographing urban landscapes because it's often the only time when the streets are almost empty.
Staircases are full of features which make for intriguing photographs, such as leading lines, symmetry, patterns, and interesting shapes.
Beautiful urban landscapes by Tim Grist, talented semi-professional photographer from Southampton, who currently based in Sussex, UK.
A successful urban landscape photo should capture this essence, but it isn't always an easy task.
Things like an overflowing rubbish bin, a cracked pavement tile, or a traffic jam tell a story in themselves, and help to give your urban landscape shots context.

Your photos should always tell a story from your point of view - after all, urban landscape photography is just as much about self-expression as it is about showing off a town or city.
This is particularly true of famous landmarks, where people are so used to seeing them photographed in a certain way that they automatically do exactly the same themselves.
The fast pace of change in cities also means that there's always something new or unusual to photograph.

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