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Lowe's of Palm DesertIt would have been nice to see something for zone 13, hot, dry desert. Japanese Maple: Most varieties are only hardy to zone 5 or 6, and many will require pruning to maintain tree form.
With so many different varieties available, the secret is choosing the right one for your patio. Use small and dwarf trees to add a point of interest, shade a patio, or enhance an entryway. Shiny bronze bark is very showy against a snowy landscape, a primary reason for planting this tree.
Its’ rounded form begins to sag from the weight of large midsummer creamy flower pyramids.
If you are lucky enough to be gardening in zone 5 or 6, it is likely you have already dabbled with Magnolia in your landscapes.
Frequent pruning may be necessary to maintain the tree form, and it is known to reseed itself. A lapsed librarian, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two kids and is in contention to break the record for most hours spent at the playground.

Not perfectly utilitarian, the tree is a bit messy and tends to die back, but sometimes sentimental reasons trump everything else. Many large shrubs are easily pruned to a small ornamental tree, such as viburnums, late lilacs and winged euonymus. The natural form is a large shrub, but garden centers have been grafting this willow to a hardy trunk and pruning to an elegant tree. Crepe myrtle and Japanese maple are deciduous; the other three are evergreen and suited mainly for California and other mild climates. Ranging in size from 15 to 25 feet, with rounded, oval, pyramid or weeping shapes, you can find a crab tree for any spot. A few others will survive, but flower buds that form in late summer may not survive the winter.
If you are willing to prune, and remove saplings, this graceful tree produces a spectacular red fall show. Since continued pruning is a must, prune high enough for easy access to the trunk, but not so high that the pruning is an enormous job. For a patio tree, depending on your space, you can choose a plant with a single trunk or multiple trunks.

Be sure you are willing to maintain the pruning or your ornamental tree will quickly begin to revert to shrub form. This Minnesota native is hardy to zone 4, and reaches 10-15 feet, with a 20-25 foot spread.
Its' small green leaves are heavily marked with white for striking bright leaves, and produce highly fragrant white blooms. This tall shrub reaches 15 feet high and 20-25 feet wide, and requires base pruning to form a tree. Growing to 20 feet high, and 20-30 feet wide, this fast growing tree produces 6 inch white blooms in spring.

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