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Small palm trees - growing to 20 feet or less - are some of South Florida's prettiest, most versatile landscape plants. South Florida landscaping ideas to go - plant groupings you can use or customize for your home's landscape.DESIGN YOURS NOW! Most winter temperatures range between 40 and 70 degrees (F), with short colder dips that can last several hours.Cold events typically last one to a few days in a normal year.
Understory plantings with tree canopy coverage helps insulate the area by keeping it a bit warmer and protected from frost.

If you then cover a plant for a chilly night, the covering helps capture warmth from the soil. You can substitute a thick quilt or blanket, though frost cloth gives the best cold protection and it's more lightweight. Fungus - Plants suffer stress from cold and may show signs of plant fungus - often developing brown spots on leaves. See our Plant List Page for all the Cold Hardy Plants on this site!And check out our exclusive Landscape in a Box - Cold Hardy Landscapes.

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