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Acclaim's action-packed kens* pits you against a horde cl aien super-soldiers in this complete level from the game.
OFF THE CUFF EDITORIAL We've got a packed issue for you this month, beginning with an exclusive review of the new Delate Paint IV ADA, the updated paint and create program (rom Electronic Arts especially geared to take advantage ol the new AGA graphics chipset that's to be lound in both the A1200 and A4000. But that's not all wo've got on Oder, as our reviews ot Videomaster, Wentworth 2 and the new Canon BJ-200 testify. There's a lot more on offer within these feature-packedl 96 pages, such as a sneak preview ol the gobsmacklng new COTV products on the way from Psygnosls and a look at the work of Tobias Richter, one of the premier artists currently working with the Amiga. Before I go, I'd like to thank all our loyal readers for their continued support throughout 1992.1 hope you've enjoyed the last year as much as I have, and will join us again for what promises to he a most exciting 1993.
163 AMIGA WORKSHOP If you’re interested in more than just games, then this is your new-found spiritual homeland, as each issue we delve into the more serious side of Amiga computing. 22 THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME CU AMIGA invites you to join them in a voyage of discovery as we travel into the near-future and take a look at what technical advances Amiga-owners can expect to see during the course of 1993 and beyond!
This month’s games disk is definitely our best so far, as we've got two cracking playable demos of the hottest games around. Taking control of a state-of-the-art human killing machine, it’s up to you to pilot the craft around the massive play area, creaming off an entire platoon of soldiers and as much state-of-the-art hardware as possible. The pre-tormatted drives have a quoted boot-up time ot seven seconds on an A1200, based on tests ot the 60Mb unit. The 24-bit scanner can output colour images to a resolution ol 1200 DPI, and has 256 grey scales tor mono artwork, OCR and CAD uses.
There’s also a talking alphabet feature which identifies a letter and then lets you incorporate it into your picture and a variety of special sound effects which accompany every brush and too. Among the more useful features are the ability to edit pages in side by side mode, and (at last) a user defineable zoom between 10% and 400%. IM CITY 2000 just confirmed that they will be con- long-awaited sequel of Sim Cilyto i touch and go for a while, but the launch of the A1200 and the marketing being given to the entire Amiga range by Commodore, Maxis have decided that there’s lile in the old machine yet. Simpsof i MANIA BIG ANTI-PIRACY STRIKE In a major anti-piracy strike, more than 3,500 illegal Amiga disks were recovered from a raid at the notorious Barrowlands market in Glasgow.
Just as you thought it was safe to walk the streets again in a Bart-free zone, you're going to have to run for cover once again as the gangly youngster with the high-rise haircut is about to hit the Amiga. At the same time, Acdaim will also be releasing Krusty's Super Fun House featuring Bart's favourite hero, Krusty the Clown. COMPILATION CRAZY With the festive season almost over and Aunty Mabel's gift vouchers burning a hole in your pocket, now is the time to take advantage of one of the many compilation packs that have just been released to help relieve you of your Christmas cash. Fantastic Worlds features five classic games: Populous, golden oldie Pirates, Wonderland, Realms, and the sadly neglected Megalomania.
Ocean have also muscled in on the action, with two compilations based around their first Wresttemania WWF game. Entertainment International, meanwhile, have released what they call a Combat Classics pack featuring such award-winning military sims as FI5 Strike Eagle 2, Team Yankee and 688 Attack Sub. HARD DRIVE FOR CDTV ZCL have just released the DATAPAC, a 65Mb external hard drive for the CDTV. Helios aim to get the younger members of the family interested in reading, writing and computing.
Yalch Ih ared circle, folio* them lo Ihe Grand Finale lalch at are Garden in New York Cily. Double-click on the Expert_4D_Junior icon and you'll be presented For spood, all the ob)eds displayed as transparent wirotrames at the modeling stage. Among them are two entitled 'E1' and 'E2' - these are the two main modules of the Expert 40 system. Select 'OPEN' from the FILE menu, and a file requester will pop up, getting a directory from the main Expert 40 program disk.
PRIMITIVES Before you start building objects yourself, go up to the PROJECT menu and select NEW. After you've done a few test renders, click the RECORD button, and select the rendering modes you want for the final picture. In the unlikely event ol your CU Amiga coverdisks not loading, remove all cartridges and peripherals, double check that you've followed the instructions exactly, and try again.
After eons as the world s best loved word game, we've brought Scrabble smack bang into the 21st century. It's the same irresistible blend of skill and chance, but with hot graphics and some very special features thrown in. And at the end of a battle simply click the mouse and print out the final layout of the board to goad your opponents with. That wasn't bad enough, you're forced to click on a box marked 'Okay' just to get rid of the bloody things. Warping messages buzzing around your head all ARQ is intended to be incorporated into the night long - it can't be doing you any good.
As it stands, you can't run ARO directly from the coverdisk, but you can access the doc tiles. Re-Org cunningly re-organises all the data on floppy and hard disks, so that the files are stored as continuous blocks.
You can choose to play anyone of them by selecting them from the title-screen menu, or play the Grand Tour, which gives you all six in sequence, accumulating your score as a running total. ASK YOUR NEWSAGENT The number ol Ripley s , , remaining lives Is top ancl l0's O' centre, then a horizon- them! An options screen allows you to give Ripley up to nine lives, and alter the level ol difficulty (Easy. Res, that's right, those ol you with aging A500s will now be able to exchange your machine lor a E100 discount on the RRP ol a brand spanking new A12D0 (see this month’s news section lor further details).
Now you've really got no excuse to miss out on Commodore's 32-bit dream machine - and just to show you how good the machine is, we've commissioned a special 48-page A1200 guide and attached it to this issue's cover. While the team were down at Commodore's Maidenhead HO recently, we were treated to Terminator 2 running off an A4000. As you can guess, it's been an exciting month lor the Amiga In general and I hope you'll share my enthusiasm lor the future ol everyone's lavourtte home computer. 147 AMIGA WORKSHOP If you’re interested in the more serious sidaof the Amiga, then this is the place for you. Review coverage to take a peek at some of the Amiga guide videos available, and DIY continues with instructions on how to build your own stereo sampler. 128 ART GALLERY This month we mix a little comic arl with heavy metal and just a touch of WWI biplane to make the best reader's art page anywhere 132 PD SCENE Animation rules OK with the latest from Eric Schwartz, plus Japanese manga art, and top demos Irom Cynostic and Virus Free.
135 PD UTILITIES Our race to find the best that the public domain has to offer is led by a top rated sample editor, followed closely by an incredibly user-fhendly utility compilation.
88 CDTV SWITCH 88 SAMPLE Cds 89 HYPERCACHE 89 CYBER DREAM VIDEO 90 VIDI 12 92 SOUND ENHANCER 95 TRUEPAINT 97 MAVIS BEACON TEACHES TYPING II 98 MUSIC LIBRARIAN 100 EDUCATION ROUND-UP 102 MORPH PLUS UPDATE 104 RAVE 110 AN INTERVIEW WITH DAVID PLEASANCE 114 BUYER'S GUIDE TO PRINTERS Se&BBN SC INI GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS We'd travel to the ends of the Earth, well Runcorn at least, to tying you the best Amiga stones. 38 FIRST IMPRESSIONS 42 DIGITAL IMAGE DESIGN 50 SON OF THE EMPIRE 52 ANCIENT ART OF WAR IN THE SKIES 56 THE LOST VIKINGS 58 NIPPON SAFES INC. The new price-tag is seen by David Pleasance of Commodore as a realistic entry level price'. The arcade machine has seven buttons as well as the joystick, so it remains to be seen how well Probe will convert this control method to a one button joystick. This 'added feature' has now been rectified and the first units should begin shipping by the time you read this.
The V-Lab hardware gratis Ihe complete composite signal and then decodes it later in the comlori ot its own RAM.
A1200 TRADE-IN DEAL ANNOUNCED The bargain ol the century has just been announced by Commodore. With sales ot the oustandingly excellent A1200 exceeding the 100,000 mark, those kind chaps at CBM HO are now giving everybody an easy way to upgrade. The big news Is that the new version ot Ihe soltware is capable ol grabbing 'real-time' sequences - d can capture every single trame hum a video seqiience.Tlits has ot course been possible before. This time the soltware decodes the frame sync signals and only tries lo grab Die frames It hasn't got already. The other part ol Ihe potential wodd-stoiming combioa- lion is the software which can replay compressed tiles.
The overall object though is lo increase the decompression speed to make a conventional CD-based video player possible. EDITOR IN GAME TIPS SHOCK DSS8+ CLEARLY SUPERIOR The latest version of Ihe popularly acclaimed DSS8 sampler is on its from GVP. The new design for the sampler 5 a new crystal case so you a all the little sampling pixies What is perhaps more important is that the software has been updated, so not only Is the box dearer, but the samples will be too.
Released through Bruce Smith Books, who re best known for their more technical offerings, it aims to give Amiga gamers a chance to complete most of the top games that’ve appeared in the past two years. A continuation ol the original Battle Isle saga, it pits you against the Skynet-Titan corporation. The Viper 1230 is a number of expansions in one though The basic configuration of the board will be an 030 running at 40MHz with an optional 68882 maths coprocessor and a real time battery backed dock. Extra Ram will be available fhrough a SIMM slot on the board which will accept standard 32- bit modules of up to 64Mb - more than enough (or’most applications.
Perhaps the most important feature is the further expansion capability offered by the Viper DMA port. One ol the first expansions to be released will be a SCSI-2 controller, which wifi allow very high speed (up to lOMb second) data communication with SCSI and SCSI 2 devices There will be an internal socket to allow an internal 2 5 inch SCSI drive to be used, though this could be a significant dram on power Other interlaces are planned lor the future ICD plans to distribute the Viper in the UK Ihtough Power Computing who are on 0234 843388 CU ROADSHOW All aboard! POWER INTO HIGH DENSITY POWER COMPUTING The most interesting product lo be launched recently, al least from the point ot view of the average Amiga owner.
Now you too can swap disks with your A4000 owning friends and impress them with the fact that your High Density drive actually goes a bit taster than theirs.
The only problem he has is that the ingredients often don’t want to end up as a main course. The aim of this game then is to guide Pierre around 48 challenging platform-based levels in an attempt to collect the ingredients he needs for his famous creations.
Set across 6 countries, each with its own distinctive theme revolving around their national dishes and music, this platformer is sure to please fans of the cute character genre. MIDI MUSIC SHOW ‘93 The recent MI0I Music Show held at Wembley Conference Centre, London, was the UK launchpad for a number of new syaths and samplers. Akai's recent explosion ol products was prominent, with their new S2800, S3000 and $ 3200 stereo samplers revealed to the public. Ruling the roost is the S32000 (£3999), an 8Mb machine, expandable to 32Mb, which has provision tor an optical-mag- neto drive as well as the internal hard drive.
Roland had some tempting new kit on display too, the strangest ol which was their JD-990 (£1445). THE HYPERBOOK TOOLBOX Unless you’ve been breaking rocks in darkesl Siberia lor the Iasi lew years or so, you cannot have helped but notice that 'multimedia' has become the latest buzzword on the lips ol every computer user. Mastering the Amiga, designed to help you over the first few stumbling blocks, and we have the usual array of quality reviews, games coverage, and shopping guides in our features, Gamer, and Amiga Market sections respectively. Our second disk, containing the superb HiSoft Basic, allied to a major beginners' programming series beginning next month, should see many of our readers quickly become competent and comfortable users of some of the most advanced technology available on the high street. All this simply goes to prove that there's only one complete Amiga magazine in Britain, and you're reading it • Amiga Computing. DISTRIBUTION COMAG (0495) 444055 SUBSCRIPTIONS 051-357 2061 Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations 1 AiC [ JorvJune 1992 Competitions Zool packs from Silica just waiting to be won on page 93. The feeling of satisfaction at having completed a game of superb audiovisual quality, typing and printing your first letter with a wordprocessor, or adding the finishing touches to that Dpaint masterpiece all are unique to what is the most flexible and powerful home computer in the world. To reflect the experiences of new owners and beginners who might never have contemplated life after games, Amiga Computing attempts every year to place an emphasis on as wide a variety of subjects as possible and to approach these subjects in a down-to-earth way, thus welcoming new owners and new readers to our magazine.
OUPOmtiS Wiienm Foe lour yean AMIGA Computing hat been the leading magazine for Amiga enthutiattt At a key member ol the Europrets magazine group. 43 Sampler supertest Every major piece of sampling hardware examined in a search for the best sounds. There's also an invaluable extension for musical Amos users and the usual collection of superb shareware games and utilities, including Mouse Impossible, a Lemmings-style strategy game, and CAC for those who'd love to produce their own Nasty bugs graphic adventures.
Your child might soon by dashing home from school to reach not for the latest megakiller computer game, but for their homework.
Naturally, every title in the range follows the guidelines of the National Curriculum to the letter, but engages the imagination of your child to the full. Our Fun School range covers stacks of general topics, while the Fun School Special packs focus on subjects such as Maths and Spelling.
Like most multi-national firms, Commodore calculate their British prices based on the pound to dollar exchange rate, making allowances for slight variations.
The A1200, however, still remains in a perfect position to combat any possible threat from rival manufacturer Atari, when their 32-bit Falcon computer becomes available. The 1Mb machine was due to be released in Britain during September with a £499 price tag, but as we went to press had still not appeared with dealers.
Fitting onto the A1200's internal expanse connector, the board is claimed to speed floating point operations by up to 55 tirm that of the standard machine. From First Computer Centre (0532 319444) Sterling prices were unavailable at the tin of going to press, although in the States I board sells for si 89 without memory.
AMERICAN peripheral manufacturer Great Valley Products are set to release three new products for the Amiga including an internal hard drive and RAM accelerator card. The hard drive plugs into the A600 and A1200’s IDE slot, and has 85Mb of storage capacity.
And A1200 users can also increase the speed and memory of their com puters with a new 68030EC RAM accelerator card, running at 40MH . The £399 card will make Amigas run about four times faster than normal, and has a slot for a maths co processor. The third expansion from GVP will give the A1200 a SCSI interface, a slot for a maths co-processor and up to 8Mb ol extra memory. Instructions supplied with Sega's Sonic 2 say that the video game may induce an epfcpbc seizure, and advises players to discontinue use if they feel certain conditions. Sega say they issued the warnings to protect themselves against possible legal action, although the firm were unaware of cases of epdeptic fits being caused by games. But experts stress that games cannot cause epilepsy in people not affected by the condition, although they admit that light hashes in games played on some television sets could trigger fits. 11 Sue Cooper, spokeswomen for the British Epilepsy Association, said that there are up to 350,000 British epilepsy sufferers but fewer than 10,000 are sensitive to flashing feghts.
Shareware form eases registration SUBSCRIBERS to CompuServe, the giant on-line information service, can now register for shareware programs through their modems. By completing an on-line form, users can register for programs and have the charge billed to their account CompuServe then forwards the fee - minus a small charge - to the author.
In addition to convenience, the service eliminates currency exchange problems found by shareware users who live in a different country than the author. By typing a keyword such as Utilities or Games, users can view a list of programs by category, enabling them to easily find programs that suit their needs.
The time tales the 'It's such a small proportion of sufferers that we don't consider it a problem," said Soe.

A leading American developer is believed to be working on the device in conjunction with Commodore, i though it is not known whether a working board yet exists. Amiga hits the airwaves THE world's first weekly radio show dedicated exclusively to Amiga enthusiasts is now broadcast across Europe every Tuesday on satellite station Euronet.
Available to 33 million homes with normal satellite receivers, Mouse Trap is a 30 minute programme of news, reviews and opinion on all things related to the Amiga.
It is the brainchild of television and radio broadcaster Chris Denning - who himself owns two Amigas - and will feature erstwhile AMIGA Computing technical editor Jeff Walker. The first programme in mid-December discussed the A4000 and contained an explanation of ISDN, the state-of-the-art service which allows video to be sent down telephone lines.
It is planned to run for at least two months, and providing the audience builds to a respectable level it will continue indefinitely.
Whole texts or single letters and words can then be recited using three voices contained in a computer speech facility. AMIGA 163 AMIGA WORKSHOP If you're interested in the more serious side of the Amiga, then this is the place for you. What’s more, we press the fast forward button to take a look at all the latest video and Amiga peripherals, such as Genlocks and portable .
Commodore are pouring money into research and development like never before and ~ both the A1200 and A4000 are selling in record numbers.
To top it all, rumours have started to circulate about an entirely new generation of machines (yet again!), including new high- end models and a revolutionary new CDTV console that could incorporate some of the technology currently being developed for Electronic Arts’ new console. As 1993 gels well underway, there certainly seems to be no let up In the number ol software and hardware releases for the Amiga. States' A5000 accelerator card to see which gives the best Injection of speed to a whole range of classic games.
On the game's front, there are reviews of the Bitmaps' The Chaos Engine, Cyberdreams' debut sci-fi adventure game, Darkseed, and Domark's excellent AV8B Harrier Attack (light sim, one of the first to really take advantage of the A1200 faster processor.
22 THE NEED FOR SPEED The new all-singing, all-dancing A1200 has certainly knocked the gaming world sideways with its 68020 processor and 256 colour graphics threatening to revolutionise the types of games we'll be playing in the next five years. The best just got better, as we take an exclusive look at Gold Disk's latest version of ProPage and Tony Horgan puts Microdeal's 16-bit sampler, Clarity, to the test. TEL: 0244 382435 MICRO SCIENCE For those readers busy preparing lor their GCSEs this spring, hetp is now at hand. Micro Science, their latest release, covers the new Integrated Science course that's now compulsory in all schools. WONDER DOG One ot the best games to appear on Sega s Mega CO is Wonder Dog, a multi-stage ptattormer designed and coded by Derby-based Core Design By all accounts, it's a fast-paced game with abso lutely tons ot bonus levels, excellent animation and some incredibly cute looking graphics. A1200 GETS EXTRA 32-BIT RAM It you want to speed up your A1200, and upgrade your RAM at the same time, you could tind just what you're alter in this new expansion board from Micro-PACE. SEIKOSHA SL-95 The printer wars continue, as Seikosha announce the release ot yet another new model.
Which the player has to guide the game's cute'n cuddly squirrel over a variety ol testing levels to Iree his kidnapped girly (well, the last bits jusl a guess, but it's still got a 90% chance ol being right, after all). THINK OF IT ASA were literally jostled off their feet a' writers, retailers and fellow programmers sought to experience what one prominent industry figure called " game that moreawav of life-utterly extraordinary Demo disks can only scratch the surface, screenshots in magazines could LIFE never do the astounding graphics justice onl wav to realh find out what all the fuss is about is to experience it for yourself. Now we’ve got the program loaded, click on the mouse to get rid of the copyright notice.
Drag it into the centre by clicking it with the left button (keeping it held down) and moving the mouse. This time the text should be a bit more eyecatching, and you can size, stretch and spin it just as before. Click on the PICS directory, then on any picture file that takes your fancy Click the OK box to load it. Selecting ADO FRAME and repealing th* process While the Videotiller program takes care of your basic titling needs, Lights, Camera. II they still won t load, pop the offending disks in an envelope and send them to: CU DISK RETURNS PC WISE. Assuming you’ve done all of the above correctly, you should now be enjoying a sequence called Around The World After it s played through, you'll be brought back to the control panel. Each event is numbered, and a brief description of it is displayed in the corresponding slot on the right You can scroll through the list by clicking the mouse on the arrow icons on the left of the panel.
It looks a bit complex at first, but you only need pay attention to certain parameters, depending on the current process. THE COMMANDS To see what other commands are available, move up to the box and hold down the left mouse button.
A multi-role strategic, tactical and operational scenario gives the player maximum control of the military campaign whilst allowing the option of Gung Ho dogfighting in one of the world's most exciting and versatile fighter aircraft Programmed by Slmls Ltd. Now run the sequence again with PLAY ONCE from the VIDEO menu, and watch out for your new picture near the start Double click the right mouse button to quit from the animation back to the control panel. A buffer is a temporary storage area set aside in the memory Beneath LOAD BUFF box, in the box marked BUFF, is the number 1. It's another marvellous advance in Amiga graphic capabilities and Peter Lee, our resident graphics expert, gives us his own authoritative opinions on the new program on page104. Bn the games front, we've got a packed issue, with reviews on the new Lucasfilm adventure, Mr A, and the 'surprise' hit, Street Fighter 2. We've even added an extra 32-page Amiga Guide so new readers can start to explore thB Inner most workings ot their magnificent new machines. The Amiga is only going to get better and better, and we'll be there to cover every new development. With reports from the recent shows in Cologne and Las Vegas, plus our top ten predictions for the coming year, this is the place to read about what Commodore and everybody else has in store for the world’s best home computer. 3.0 139 ART GALLERY 150 PD SCENE 112 VIDEO COMPO 114 DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO 118 V-LAB PAR Working miracles once again, we've crammed a full 2-disks of commercial software onto one, and still found room for another two superb utilities, plus a neat stress-relieving card game. Alien* is Acclaim's licensed conversion of the hit movie and our huge level taken from the game puts you in charge of Ripley as she has to run around the claustrophobic corridors of the prison, killing as many aliens as possible and rescuing the many prisoners who have been strung up awaiting the aliens' attention.
The IDE devices use the machines’ internal drive bays, connecting with a supplied cable. As well as providing an update for 3.0 users who experienced variable levels of difficulty using it on the A4000, the new version has many completely new features. Previously EPS files were allowed, but were rather difficult to position accurately since no preview was generated on the screen.
There are over 20 Wacky Brushes which enable the user to create eleborate drawings and special effects.
Small yellow labels can be attached to the layout, to give information instructions for the bureau etc..
The new game, following on from the huge success of the original, is going to be absolutely enormous with more options than the Stock Market.
An ELSPA-appointed detective carried out the raid, backed up by three bodyguards and three police officers. First up is Bari vs The World, which involves a treasure hunt around the globe for Bart and his family as they set out to get rich quick.
And CANON PRINT STUDIO For those of you who were interested in our review of the Canon Print Studio last month, the intermediate version of the program (which works exclusively with Canon printers) is now available from Jeff Walker at 75 Greatfields Drive, Uxbridge, UB8 3QN. If strategy games are your thing, then Ubisoft’s second offering is also a bit of a doozy, featuring no less than five top-notch brain-strainers.
Super Fighter features the aformentioned WWF beat 'em along with Plt- Fighter and Final Fight and The Dream Team is made up of Terminator 2.
So flexible is the program, according to Helios, that it is suitable for anyone from 2 to 12 years! Bear with it, then click in the box marked PATH, and delete any text and punctuation (ignoring the misleading colon that can't be deleted).
The first method is to use the basic blocks available from the menu, which are known as primitives.
You can now draw out a 2D plan of your object by clicking on the grid with the left mouse button.
Choose a cube from the available blocks, and scale it by clicking on the small boxes that sit on the surrounding highlight.
Wireframe mode displays the scene as in the modeller, polygon adds hidden line removal and basic colouring, and pixel renders the scene with proper light-sourced colour.
It they still won't load, pop the offending disks in an envelope and send them to: CU DISK RETURNS. Even if you ignore the sound features, you'll still have nice new dialogue boxes that don’t pop up right in the corner of the screen, some of which even include little animations! It also sorts out the directory list, speeding up the DIR and LIST commands, as well as directory listings from within any applications.
You shouldn't have any problems with Re-Org mashing your disks, but circumstances beyond the program's control (such as power cuts or surges for example) can leave you with a dead disk, so make sure you work on a copy, not the original. The first, for single-drive users, reads • in the data, and writes it back in an optimised form f to the same disk. This month we've dug deep into our deep things, soared to the heights of our soary things and brought you two fully playable demos of Uien 3 and Walker. Movement is controlled by the joystick (up, down, left, right, in the conventional manner). Each month our team of experts detail how to get the most out of your machine and the many and varied software packages that exist to help you do just that. Gold Disk’s Hyperbook is the best free-form personal information manager available and it's ALL on this month's disk. On top of that there’s the zoom mode to get really close to the action and the special throw- in corner control which allows you to position the ball where you want it.
Apparently although the soltware and hardware functioned perfectly, telephones con- nected to the system would not ring properly. Owners of an A500 or A500+ in full working order and complete with power supply can return it to their local shop in return for a full £100 off a brand spanking new A1200.
The Amiga setup this was running on did Include a very large amount ol memory and a last hard-drive. As well as comprehensive guides to such games as Shadow ol the Beast, Indiana Jones and the Fate ot Atlantis and Putty it includes tips and cheats tor other classics, such as Street Fighter II and Flobocod Games are becoming ever more difficult, always setting new standards in gameplay.
In recognition of this Dan decided to help gamers the only way he knows how - tell them how to cheat1 This A to Z ot cheats covers over 300 games and is only the first Volume! The coveted mineral aldinium is becoming a rarity, and an alternative energy source must be found if your race is to survive The robot hoards of the Skynet-Titans are intent on using your research to strengthen their empire and destroy your people.
This is cunningly situated so that further expansion devices can be plugged in from the rear expansion’ slot on the A1200 and connect Into the main Viper board in the trapdoor.
The drive can also be used in conjunction with CrossDos to provide access lo 1,44Mb PC disks. There is no tricky hardware modification to be made, no chips to be swapped - all you have to do is plug the drive into the existing chain.
Tbt main ctillclsm ol mate earlier gaiim ms Ibe lack ol actual player amhmmtM aim it being limited lo clicking oe the correct part ot the screen at the righl time.
Power computing are offering an amazing 5% discount on all Iheir products Simply look up the amaz- mg bargains In the Power Nr V Computing advertisements in .
Me new improved verstan loataree an even belter signal One M the advaMegas or bavtug a perfectly formed aync Is Oral I PM display appears lo be mars stable lo the eye Other improve meets include e new ptnl-atppped overlay leilure end beelf d op alpha channel support Expod a review very soon, bul in the meantime you csn cell Amiga Ceotra Scotland m MS 687 MS. Sensible Soccer 92 92 is still selling well, enough to boost its position to number two in the charts, and the Bitmaps’ Chaos Engine claims third place. At the same time he’s got to fend off the unwanted attentions of various bugs and diseases, which like nothing better than a bit of fresh food, and keep Le Chef Noir away from his store room. There'll be secret levels, unique power-ups and over 1000 frames of humorous character animations to keep you entertained.
Akai have dominated the UK MIDI sampler market lor the past lew years, but the top ol the range S1100 was starting to look a bit dated. Hard disk recording Is available (perfect lor mastering Cds), there’s an added reverb unit and also an extra LSI. The JD-990 is a rack- mount version ol the JD-800, a monster synth that's programmed with a mass ol knobs and sliders.
The new version will provide extended support for the printer’s on board range of fonts and for the printers themselves.
OO Any owner's first steps in the world of the Amiga can be a wierd and wonderful experience.
Maths and Le Franpais and helps children sail through their exams with the greatest of ease.
Text is entered into the wordproeessor through the keyboard and various facilities are available for inserting and deleting individual letters or blocks of text.
As games in particular make heavy use ol the custom chips lor graphics and sound, the ability to access this memory taster can result in substantial speed increases.
Editing suites, as well as reviewing the best- 't ) buy camcorders and showing how to create ™ some stunning visual effects. In fact, there’s been a mushrooming of products In recent months and it's bean difficult to cram everything In. There's also the first installment of a year-long Opaint tutorial, a three-page review of Microdeal's 16 bit sampler. We've got an exclusive graphic manipulation package, the latest vims checker, and more games than Hamleys. Also reviewed are a hard drive for the CDTV, the latest incarnation of Saxon Publisher and Epson's new GT6500 flatbed scanner. On Disk 50 you will find not only an excellent tit ng oackage but also a scripted presentation system wh * i : v you to create titles and display them with a vanty o c -e-ent wipes and effects. On the reviews front we've crammed in a whole host of top games, including the Bitmaps' The Chaos Engine, Harrier Assault from Domark. Professionally shot and edited, the CU Amiga video otters hints and tips on getting the most out ol Dpaint. LCL have a comprehensive range ol Amiga programs aimed at helping students with their revision and self-tuition. The collection of programs follows the National Curriculum in Science very closely and can also be used lor Physics, Chemistry and Biology GCSE revision.
Virgin are looking to release the game in the Spring and we'll have a full review as soon as possible.
Only preliminary work has been done so tar, and nothing has yet been committed to disk, so it’s unlikely the game will be released before the second half ot the year.
Triple R Eajcabon are set to release a series ot educbonal programs over the course ol the next year The hrst ot these. The company operate a try-before-you-buy policy so that people can use the program at home over a special trial period betore making thier minds up whether to keep the program or not. The imaginatively-named MBX 1200 is a combination of a 32-bit Inemory board and a Motorola 68881 68882 floating point maths coprocessor. Thera is always a gargantuan amount ol Amiga-related hardware and sollware lor sale and the lairs are held all around Ihe country, so getting to one should not prove a problem.
Glasgow 27m Hemel H stead - Dacorum Pavilion, The Marlowes 28th West - Brunei Centre, Templemeads, Bristol MARCH 6th Leicester - De Montforl Hall, Granville Road 7lh North - University Sports Centre, Calverley Street. According to Seikosha, the SL-95 is the first 24-pin colour printer to retail for less than £250.

Well, after a rather long hiatus, during which time they've been concentrating on console work, the Gallic softcos have just announced that they're cur- f rently working on a new Amiga game - and this" time it s not a coin-op clone, either. There’s nothing much to see yet, except lor some mock up screens, but even at this early stage things are looking highly promising. 0R3t 494 394 • SIR TECH HelPlllf CRUSAOERS OF THE DARI SAVART TEL 0439 994 4T7 THE FIRST THING THAT COMES INTO YOUR HEAD Select ENTRY trom the tent menu, drag the text cureor Into the middle ot the screen, and type what ever comes Into your heed. To add even more visual excitement, try loading one of the IFF picture files from the second disk.
As the files you end up with are standard ANIM format, you can play them from CLI with PD utilities such as SHOWANIM and PLAYANIM, or load them into Deluxe Paint 4.
Select PLAY ONCE or PLAY LOOP from the VIDEO menu if you want to see it again The best way to learn how to create your own presentations is to examine the demo and see how it’s been made up. The most important part of this panel is the box at the top left of the screen, which denotes the type of event. Fust as you did with the animation files Experimentation is the best way lo get to grips with the system.
Currently on offer is a I THE BIG COMPETITION I i First Prize consists o i i AMIGA, SUPER NES AND A MEGADRIVE 6 SUPER NES's 6 MEGADRIVEs up . Yes, I know I said I thought this one would be a complete money waster, but the review on page 58 definitely proves me wrong.
In addition, we've also got a month-by-month review of 1992 as well as the final results of our own Fat Agnus awards. For a start owners of the AGA chipset machines will be able to use the new 256 colour display mode. Along with EPS support ProPage can now EPSON FLATBED SCANNER New from Epson is their GT6500 colour A4 flatbed scanner. Long regarded as the best beat ’em up ever produced for the Amiga, the four year old game is looking a bit dated these days. There was lots more on offer, too, as the show took up three of the NEC’s massive halls. The raid is all the more important because of the stranglehold pirates have had in Glasgow, a situation not helped by the ineffectiveness of Scottish law.
The game's scenario involves Krusty in a mad dash around his honeycombed house trying to rid his home of an invasion of rats.
This bold claim is backed up by the promise of three types o1 voice for the speech, the ability to make your own picture puzzles and overlay text on graphics, plus a user-friendly interface. Hulk Hogan", Ultimate Warrior' md man , itavel across Europe lo square oil in the ring gains! There are many missions lo complete including Ihe rescue ol a kidnapped girl, Ihe persuil and arrest ol drugs runners, finding and arresting a police murderer, plus many more. Insert the first of your two new disks in the internal drive, put the second disk in any other available drive if you have one, and reset the machine. At the moment, it doesn't have any colour or texture assigned to it, so the first thing is to sort this out from the ATTRIBUTE menu. It’s best to save it to a pre-formatted blank disk, but there's a bit of space left on the second disk if you don't have one to hand.
Bearing in mind that a full size HAM screen can take up to around three hours to render, you might like to make a few test runs first with the lower grade modes. Next, there’s the resolution, which can be low, medium or high, and HAM mode can be toggled on and off. Remember that it can take a matter of hours to render a scene, so don't think you’ve crashed the machine if nothing seems to be happening. Unfortunately, you need a 2.04 or higher version of Kickstart to run it, as found on the A600. For a better understanding of how the optimisation works, activate the GRAPHICAL SECTOR DISPLAY by clicking its box. Ripley will need to leap, climb ladders, and crawl through tunnels, just like the Aliens to complete her mission. Owners of an A500 or A500+ in full working order and complete with power supply can return it to their local shop in return for a full ?100 off a brand spanking new A1200. From special effects on top TV shows to training London Underground drivers, the Amiga’s influence has spread far and wide. You certainly will be, as news also reaches us this month of Commodore's experiments In FMV (Full Motion Video) which may lead to the world's first viable CD movie player. Not only have we got an eiciusive demo of Dino Dini's Coal!, including a fantastic competition, there's also Hyperbook, the amazing free form personal information manager.These disks are hot.
The move is part of a general restructuring of the Amiga range, which started with the introduction of the A1200. The prices will be in effect everywhere by the time you read this,% now you know what to get that difficult uncle for his birth- Williams’s lop arcade game is about fo make an appearance on the Amiga.
The difference between this and SFII is that Mortal Kombat actually lives up to its name with each tight ending in some particularly gruesome death. It’s believed that Dan will be retiring his Editorship of CU AMIGA soon to become a full-time media star - allegedly Dan will also be available tor book signings, supermarket openings and bar mitzvahs, contact him at the usual address.
Contact Kompart UK for more details on 0727 868005 ICD VIPER TO BITE IN JUNE Following in the footsteps of virtually every other hardware manufacturer, ICD have announced an upcoming expansion for the Amiga 1200. There's a 105Mb hard drive, a SCSI interface, digital audio in and out connections, eight ' independently assignable analogue outputs, and a SMPTE reader generator.
The control panel ol Ihe JD-800 is huge, and has been reduced to just another complex system ol buttons, in order to lit it on the panel ol Ihe 2U high module. USING HYPERBOOK Explore the fascinating world of computer aided training, interactive presentations and even multimedia with this month’s coverdisk giveaway, HyperBook.
There's also our unique Product Locator to help you find that elusive bargain in no time at alt. And now ADI Junior gives tots as young as four the start they need to make reading and counting as easy as 1. This month, as well as adding a splash of colour to the proceedings, we’ve got a new Dpaint tutorial that's set to run over the next 12 months which will be taking a look at the program's inner most workings. Clarity, an eidusive preview of gold Disk's ProPage 4.0and a feature on the future of PCMCIA cards. We re teamed up with a leading video company to otter a sensational deal on a fantastic new video that covers the entire spectrum ot Amiga computing. Fakes a look at Morph Plus and Image Master in action, presents a feature on Desk Top Publishing and takes an in depth look at Video production tgech- nigues using the Amiga. Including practical experiments, a graphics adventure and some three dimensional pictures ot the insides ol the human body - some ot which are even animated - the programs are suitable for older pnmary school children, GCSE students and adults who want to brush up on the subject. Meanwhile, Anco still have exclusive rights to the Kick Off name and may go ahead with a third incarnation of the game, but this will not include any of Dino's code. This isn't the case, although an A1200 specific version will be released later on in the year. The calendar lor the nest couple ol months is made up ol Ihe following dates: FEBRUARY 6th London - Novolel, Hammersmith 7m Wales - University Union. Each out* claiming in Im* tlic European Computer Trade Show ii wan I lie journalists themselves that could Ih* luund singing the praises of one new title in particular - LEGENDS OF ration» and IAN DOWNEND the creators of LEGENDS Ol' VALOUR. The disks but make sure they are write enabled (so the tab is over the hole), and that the coverdisk is write protected (so you can see through the hole). While the double arrows jump to the first and last events in the sequence Use the arrow icons to scroll event number 12 into view. Operate this just like a standard menu, but with the left button instead of the ¦ AV-8B Harrier Assault heralds the arrival of a new breed of flight and military simulations. This time have a go at altering the type of fade it uses to get from one picture to another.
The solution is to load the ANIM file at the start of the sequence, so that when you call it up, it's already in memory.
It's not the greatest coin-op conversion in the world, hut it's certainly the best beat 'em up ever to grace the Amiga - fact!
With quick and easy object design features, even a complete beginner can knock up scenes at the drop of a hat, and it's powerful enough to give the experienced 3D modeler scope to run riot. The scanner is provided with driver software trom ASDG, making it compatible with any Amiga that's equipped with enough RAM to accommodate the chosen scan sizes and resolutions. Kid Pix, developed by Broderbund, aims to take advantage of a child’s natural creative impulses and harness them through an easy-to-use program that's capable of quite outstanding results.
In all, more than 74,000 people attended the show, and plans are already being drawn up for an even bigger and better show next year. Only Virgin are left as a games retailer in Glasgow as a result of the widespread pirating of disks in the area.
If you only have a single floppy drive, remove the first disk and replace it with the second, then type 'DFO:' (RETURN). At this stage, you won’t see it fully rendered (drawn in light-sourced colour), because this is only the design module. A sphere with a low rated mesh will look more like a diamond, but with a high rated mesh the curves are far more convincing. Once you've done that, you can drag it into the corner of your 'room', and set about designing the rest of your scene.
It's also a good idea to click the ENABLE WRITE VERIFY £ box, so that your optimised files are checked as _ they are written.
A good tactic in many areas is to shoot at the ground whilst moving, so as to blast the aliens as soon as they start to pounce. Taking his place in the UK's number one computing hot seat is Commodore yeteran, David Pleasance.
Well, Hyperbook combines all these and more and, best of all, you can tailor its functions exactly to your needs. For instance, one fighter’s speciality is to rip the spinal column out of his oppo- nenl - yeuck! Over 1000Mb ol data are available, selected Irom the cream ol the 17-bit collection throughout the years (although none of Tony's demos appear - how strange).
Akai have sensibly decided that there's no point in increasing the 16-bit resolution of the sampling, and instead have concentrated on more practical improvements. There are also tools lor closing paths, creating text objects, and changing tile magnifications Among the available special effects are warping. A tile requester will appear Put your blank disk in the internal drive, delete anything that’s in the top box.
CF48 2YY They will then test your disk and send you a replacement as soon as possible For any urgent problems though, please ring Ihe PC Wise helpline on 0685 350505. Click on the box to the right that says NEW YORK, then click on the EDIT button The screen now changes to give you a much more detailed breakdown ot the current event.
This is Just one of many events or commands, and tells the computer to load and display an IFF picture file. This is the animation used as the opening screen of the sequence, which displays the Aegis logo and the Around the World title. The advantage of using a lower rated mesh is that you save memory, and you also save time when you come to render your objects. This can be the size of a postage stamp (not much good for anything but very simple objects), quarter-screen size, full screen or overscan. Acclaim and Psygnosis respectively, to give you the first levels to both games what more could you ask for.
Moments later the demo will be ready to play, as long as your Amiga has at least 1Mb of memory. There are many doors in the complex, which are opened (and sometimes closed) by turning Ripley to lace the buttons beside them (stand her in front ol the buttons, then press up on the joystick). This program allows you to write text in multiple fonts, import and size IFF files, add structured graphics then display them all on screen at once. This means that you could, lor example, open and close Ihe litter with the modulation wheel as you played a sample. Clarity 16*Microdea!*E150 This is the first iow-cost hardware and software stereo 16-bit sampter to be produced for the Amiga and it's due OUt any time. It an add-on card ever does become available, it is unlikely the cost involved would be worthwhile. John Kennedy takes a look at the paths available as well as assessing what the speed difference means to some classic games. There's also a spec a 90s version of aging VCS classic, Combat, on the disk plus one of the first video games. Micro- PACE claim that it can increase the speed of floating point operations by up to 55 times, and boost the general running speed ot the machine by over 75%. Action, the other half of the Videotitler package Animat* your credits by moving or warping th* led slightly. Click on the volume name DATA_DISK that has just appeared in the requester, followed by SCRIPTS, and finally double click on SAM PLE.SCRIPT.
This line can be reached between the hours ot 10.30 and 12 30 weekdays Whilst CU Amiga makes every effort to check our coverdisks lor all known viruses we can accept no responsibility for possible damage caused by viruses which may have escaped our attention.
II you have difficulty loading your disk please contact PC Wise at the address or telephone number given on page 14. Find out what the future has in store as we talk turkey with their new MD, David Pleasance, on page 110. A5000 The A5000 accelerator card tor Solid Stale Leisure has been mentioned more than once in these hallowed pages, the last occasion being in the October 1992 issue.
In the bottom box marked FILE, type in a filename lor your forthcoming animation, then dick the OK box. The screen will now revert to the main control panel Move up to the VIDEO menu and select PLAY ONCE In Ihe unlikely event of your CU Amiga eoverdisks not load ing. Go back to the control panel, select event 10, and click on EDIT, and you can see the comrnand that puts it up on screen. There's a lot more on offer within these feature-packedl 96 pages, such as a sneak preview ol the gobsmacklng new CDTV products on the way from Psygnosls and a look at the work of Tobias Richter, one of the premier artists currently working with the Amiga. This game’s realism is the one thing that sets it apart from the many pretenders to the crown. In those days the A5000 had been cut in price to ?250, and now it has been cut again, to a bargain hunters dream ot ?160.
An extra 16-part multi-timbral GS synth board can be installed to boost the maximum polyphony to 56 voices.
Although this may upset those that spent ?250 (sounds like SSL are copying Commodore s mar keting policy) this is good news tor the rest of us as the A5000 is an excellent piece ot kit The A5000 provides a Motorola 68020 processor, although unlike the A1200 it runs asynchronously at 16.6 Mhz.
Don’t be left in the dark, follow our guide to the best pnnters available - a whopping nine-page round-up starts on page 114. But makes use of any spare bus »me to run that little bit taster This is why the MIPS rat mg is ever so slightly laster lor the A5000 A large square circuit board, the A5000 tits inio the 68000 socket on the Amiga motherboard The 68000 is placed in a special socket on the A5000, and this provides a special 'tall back' mode 'or awkward software p nrr I I I "to V3.01, tha relative epeed* ol Itie A5000 and h and without fast RAM) war® measured. It maths co-processor (or FPU) comes 1 which makes all the difference with - rensrve maths programs such as fractal generators and ray tracers If desired, a taster coprocessor can be added and a socket is provided to accept the required clocking crystal. It s interesting to note that the processoi and the co processor do not need to run at the same speed - it is entirely possible for a 16MHz 68020 to be connected to a 20MHz FPU.

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