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The ARCHITECTS' 5th album has been on sale for exactly 48 hours, a post-hardcore band from Brighton. The Architects' post-HC production, led by frontman Sam Carted, had its identity difficulties at first. Shortly after the band formed in 2004, they were already performing at various British festivals, such as Download or Sonisphere, and they've kept their status as a festival favourite to this day. Aside from solo vocals in his own song, Sam Carter has lent his powerful vocal chords to some other HC recordings, such as Your Demise, Comeback Kids, or Bring Me the Horizon.
The Architects went on to stimulate the already big expectations for Daybreaker by releasing three music videos, which suggests that in the future the band won't be afraid to get involved politically and philosophically and comment through their work on important social issues. In lieu of releasing another 12 songs in a traditional record format, Kansas City punk rockers The Architects have released an album that is as engaging as it is unconventional.
MEB: In the album’s introduction, you describe Border Wars as a concept album in which the book and the music tell the story together. In the Indiegogo campaign video, you talked about how much appreciation you guys have for your fans and how Border Wars was a way of doing something cool for them. SC: To be honest I think there’s less pressure on us because we’re going into those shows knowing that they’ll be awesome and that most of the people there are really excited to see us.

SC: Most of the time we’re already on tour before we join up to another tour but this time we’re at home before we head out. They called themselves Inharmonic, later changing it to Counting the Days, until finally deciding on the Architects. Not to mention the fact that many promoters and critics predict a very successful future, comparable to System of a Down, Korn or Avenged Sevenfold.
The band has also, somewhat unexpectedly, played alongside bands like Faith No More, Placebo or Jane's Addiction. First in 2009 on the Never Say Die tour, then as guests of Underoath in April 2010, and lastly a tour this March, as a warm-up band for the Chicago punk-rock band Rise Against. There’s no way in the world that this would be worth it if you didn’t love what the comic was all about, if you didn’t love the music. There could be a lot more artists or bands like us who wouldn’t have to [go] begging door to door in the industry like, “Hey, listen to my demo.” We can just go straight to the people who are already into the band. There’s already stories of people who have no business crowd-funding anything who are trying to crowd-fund stuff.
In my mind, that’s really going to be the trial by fire – to see what characters people end up enjoying the most.

Some would say that they downplayed their American hosts a bit, but they've requested a place at Rock for People in front of yet a larger crowd. But I think that’s just because it’s something new and there’s not really a sense of what the rules are yet. We’re not going to keep repeating ourselves as far as the way Episode One works as a narrative or the way we sequenced those songs together.
To end up embracing the Border Wars concept, we thought we should definitely have characters.
You’d usually have to be Pink Floyd, The Who, Green Day or Prince or something to be able to combine visual, narrative and music all in one thing. Hopefully, we’ll be able to throw some tricky pitches, but maintain a standard of kicking ass throughout the whole thing. That’s when I expect people are going to make a decision whether they’re in this for the long haul.

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