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The new design of the seal for landscape architects and interior designers was effective July 5, 2004.
The water walk, which can be completed in under an hour, is intended to transform the way Lexingtonians interpret their everyday landscape by revealing what exists underground: karst geology and hydrology. Dumpelmann spoke of the need to revise landscape history to include African-Americans and women, and topics like segregation, emancipation, and multi-racial landscapes. Revising history also allows black designers to expand their knowledge of what is possible when designing future landscapes. After graduating this summer from Cornell University‚Äôs masters of landscape architecture program, I worked on reforestation planning in Cleveland. ASLA’s graduating student survey provides a quantitative benchmark from which the landscape architecture field can work towards a more balanced reflection of American society. The default American landscape before game-changing landscape architecture firm Oehme van Sweden & Associates (OvS) came along was a great expanse of lawn, really an ecological wasteland, with perhaps a fringe of flowers.
When it first appeared, the New American Garden was a departure from landscape architect Dan Kiley’s formal geometric Modernism. The exhibition, which is the largest monographic landscape architecture one in NBM’s history, takes visitors from their early residential landscapes to their more ambitious civic works. He wants to see many of OvS’s landscapes added to the National Register of Historic Places and documented through the Historic American Landscape Survey (HALS). Students enter graduate landscape architecture programs with diverse educational backgrounds.
For students researching assistance with loan forgiveness, there are several federal loan assistance and forgiveness programs already in place, including the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which would provide forgiveness if a landscape architect is working in the government or not-for-profit, like a community design center.
While the current prototype does not include public space, Roberts noted that people have been able to interact with the floating landscape.

The firm has also been working on a project in Memphis that consists of a series of landscape islands on the Mississippi River. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is excited to announce its 34 professional award recipients.
The October issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM) features the winning projects and is available online for free viewing.
A Landscape Legacy – Master Planning a Cultural Landscape for Future Generations at Overlook Farm, Dalton, Pa. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is excited to announce its 23 student award recipients. Field Constructs Design Competition (FCDC) invites emerging designers, architects, landscape architects, and artists to submit proposals for temporary installations to be sited at the Circle Acres Nature Preserve in Austin, Texas.
Landscape architects work to reveal and enhance environmental systems within urban areas, and the podcast walking tour is another way to combat inertia and catalyze appreciation and change. Sonja Dumpelmann, associate professor of landscape architecture at GSD and senior fellow at Dumbarton Oaks, spoke about race and landscape architecture. I thought about what it means to practice in the United States as a white American landscape architect. While African American and Native American students remain at 1 percent of the landscape architecture student body and the share of Hispanic students dropped to 8 percent, these populations make up 32 percent of the general population, according to recent census estimates.
This survey was completed by graduating students from 38 accredited undergraduate and graduate landscape architecture programs, a total of 323 students, up 32 percent over last year.
Of those looking for a job, 65 percent plan to seek employment in a private sector landscape architecture firm.
They were most likely to have first learned about the field from talking to a landscape architect or from reading about the field online or in a book, newspaper, or magazine.

Landscape Performance Series: Demonstrating the Environmental, Social, and Economic Value of Sustainable Landscapes. Selected from 327 entries representing 84 schools, the 2015 ASLA Student Awards honor the top work of landscape architecture students in the U.S. The international competition will result in the realization of five to eight submitted entries, selected by a jury of leading figures in architecture, design, and art. As one of the fastest-growing American cities, Austin’s character is continually evolving, as is the relationship between its urban fabric and the natural landscape.
The parallel realities of racial segregation in Cleveland and the lack of diversity in the profession of landscape architecture were inescapable. The number of respondents reporting that a landscape architect visited their school to talk about the profession increased, every so slighting, to 2 percent. While efforts are underway to clean up the industrial sites surrounding the canal, a new experimental project, GrowOnUs, by the New York-based landscape and urban design firm, Balmori Associates, uses a floating landscape to decontaminate the canal’s water. The competition’s site, the Circle Acres Nature Preserve in the Montopolis neighborhood, showcases the embedding of a natural landscape within the city, to the benefit of both community and environment.
Given OvS designed more than 1,000 landscapes since 1975, it’s clear how much work went into curation.
Other benefits listed include a continuing education stipend, Landscape Architecture Registration Board Exam (LARE) reimbursement, and bonuses.

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