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When considering a swimming pool one option that is a must is the installation of underwater lighting.
When the sun goes down after enjoying the swimming pool for the day there is nothing more spectacular in a backyard than a swimming pool lit up at night with underwater lighting.  A swimming pool with underwater lighting can really add to the ambience of your backyard when you are entertaining. Underwater lighting is a must if you wish to swim in your swimming pool at night.  When the sun has gone down and you still can’t get the kids out of the swimming pool underwater lighting is a must so that swimmers can see the steps and benches in the swimming pool. The Leisure Pools range of swimming pools is ideal for underwater lighting.  The Leisure Pools SMART color range really sparkles at night when being lit up with underwater lighting. One trick of the trade to remember is that when you are positioning underwater lights in the pool always situate those lights so that they shine away from the house rather than towards the house.  This way at night you get the affect of a glowing swimming pool rather than 2 or 3 bright lights directed at your entertaining area from the swimming pool.
Leisure Pools offers a range of underwater lighting with each swimming pool.  One of the latest advancements are color changing LED lights that provide a multitude of color lighting options at night. 2009 Gold International Award of Excellence Winner for the design & construction of custom in ground swimming pools & landscapes. Cipriano Landscape Design's award-winning custom swimming pools and landscapes are a relaxing oasis by day and an elegantly entertaining hot-spot by night. Don't allow the setting sun to put an end to the depth and character of your backyard or swimming pool. The award-winning pool and spa is on display from sunset to sunrise with night lighting from LED colored pool lights, a volcanic fire-pit, and fiber optic lighting surrounding the swimming pool and waterfall.
Deep into the night, WaterColors LED energy-efficient pool and spa lights shimmer in the custom vanishing edge swimming pool and help to illuminate the entire back patio in a mysterious aura of blue. In-floor fiber optic lighting for the swimming pool and spa gives the backyard a skyline of its own.
LED and fiber optic lights bring the custom swimming pool and spa out of antiquity into the 21st century. The elaborate fountain in Mahwah serves as a beacon of light in the darkness, illuminating the surrounding walkway using in-floor lighting and fiber-optic jet streams. The landscape architecture comes to life through LED colored pool lighting that allows the unique glass tile designs to be seen even at night. The pool and landscaping ideas for the rugged NJ project actively demonstrate the power of nature with flowing water and blazing fire. The colorful fiber optic pool lights at the foot of the pool's intricate backdrop place all of the details on display as the sun begins to set.
The purple light cast by the swimming pool's fiber optic lighting shines across an elaborate structure, blending the antique style of the lion sculpture and cast architectural stone with a flashy, modern illumination. As the sun begins to set, the Venetian plaster and stone columns in the custom swimming pool begin to shine as the entire antique backdrop comes to life. With the extensive variety of pool light fixture to choose from, you can pick what you might want to highlight, and how to do that for the best effect.
Fiber optic lights use links to transmit light so that the vitality source is far from the pool and since one and only wellspring of light is required that implies vitality investment funds and in addition more prominent security.
The rest is dependent upon you, now that you think about the numerous choices accessible all you need to do now is choose which is the best pool light fixture for you. With the use of fiber optic in-floor pool lighting, watch in amazement as your very own antique-style pool and spa transform into an aquatic dance floor, "reflecting" a starry night-sky.

With LED, fiber optic and landscape night lighting, your new outdoor living area can be enhanced at night and enjoyed as long as you want the entertainment to last. Colored LED lighting in the pool and waterfall allows the water to truly shine when the sun begins to set.
Fiber optic lights also highlight the iridescent glass tile on the pool floor and allow the swimming pool and spa to shine all night long.
Four colorful Laminar deck jet streams at each corner of the swimming pool spring forth to bring the New Jersey pool to life at night. The fiber optic floor lights in the pool, even at dusk, resemble stars in the sky sprinkled across the surface of the pool.
Strategically placed outdoor night lighting highlights the perimeters of the structure inviting onlookers closer to enjoy and explore the fountain and its surrounding paths. While the water reflects a dark night sky, the scattered in-floor fiber optic lights of the pool shine like stars in a planetarium.
The natural waterfalls that run continuously into the swimming pool work in harmony with the poolside cave that encompasses the volcanic fire pit. The custom sculptures and architectural detail are brought to life as the fiber optic lighting gives energy to the otherwise static, old world structure. The sharp color of the fiber optic lights demonstrates the great detail of the hand-crafted sculptures even at night. The fiber optic lights beneath the stones and sculptures shed light on the masterful detail.
The fiber optic night lights complement the custom swimming pool as it evolves into a shadowy ambience of antiquity. On the off chance that you have started considering adding lighting to your swimming pool, the first thing you ought to do is to choose what you might want to incorporate. For state of mind enlightenment, it is not likely that you will pick inground pool lights, however in the event that you need the light to offer you some assistance with seeing as you are doing laps, temperament and shading settled brightening is most likely not the best approach. Halogen is frequently the pool light fixture of decision by mindful property holders on the grounds that no hurtful gasses are discharged into the environment. Around your inground pool, fiber optic deck jet fountains can be used as accents creating a flashy fountain effect that brings energy and motion to your backyard nightlife. Outdoor lighting provides functional usage to custom natural stone patios and outdoor kitchens and grills; lighting also provides a safe environment to entertain poolside well into the night.
The waterfall is enhanced with fiber optic lighting as water cascades over the rocks in a glistening white mist. The upward lighting of the fountain makes the water feature a focal point of the night, inviting friends and family to gather around and retreat within the extravagantly, natural landscape design. Landscape night lighting accentuates the gazebo area, two potted plants surrounding the infinity edge, and the various sculptures found amidst the landscape. Night lighting highlights an antique, Grecian-style gazebo and small statues throughout the landscape. Night lighting enhances the beauty of the landscape, creating depth by allowing specific plants to stand out from their natural backdrop. WaterColor LED energy-efficient pool and spa lights provide the finest, brightest colors for the pool by creating sharp blue water that contrasts with the color-lights shining upward against the antique stone structure.

The same fiber optic lights also allow the water to take on new color throughout the night as it elegantly streams from the mouths of the sculptures gently into the swimming pool. Satyr faces and growling lions' heads cast menacing shadows as they spew water into the dipping pool. The purple-colored light not only helps to display the intricate designs and stone details but also provides a mysterious quality that benefits the antique theme of the structure. In the wake of adding to the configuration for your pool light fixture, select legitimate arrangement from the wide cluster of choices that exist available. You will find that LED pool light fixture take around 80% less vitality when contrasted with other spa and pool lights. Volcanic fire-pits nestled alongside luxury pool designs illuminate and ignite backyards with a dynamic sense of awe and wonder that only fire can evoke, perfect for late-night gatherings.
Outdoor fireplaces emit light and warmth to combat the night's cool air, acting as a warming retreat for friends and family. The volcanic fire-pit on the edge of the swimming pool naturally emits a fiery glow highlighting the small rock cave in which it sits. Landscape night lighting makes the antique stone gazebo extremely inviting for a view across the mountains at sunset.
The infinity edge does not go unnoticed as lights shining up from the reservoir pool illuminate the flowing water and a shining wall of hand carved glass tile.
The continuous motion of the fountain coupled with the night lighting gives off an inviting misty aura throughout the whole structure. Night lighting the cast urns on either end of the infinity edge provides a frame for the city lights of a skyline. Night lighting, scattered along the rocky cliffs of the waterfall, calls attention to natural plantings, allowing them to truly stand out after dark. After sundown, the fiber optic lighting displays the impressively detailed elements of this custom swimming pool as a vision of elegance. The bright fiber optic lights beneath the seahorse beautifully showcase the centerpiece of the pool's elaborate backdrop. Some pool light fixture alternatives envelop the whole pool territory, which is incredible when you have many individuals meandering around.
A full, diverse landscape accented by strategically placed outdoor lighting contributes to a secluded, yet lively ambience.
Night lighting also accents the rocky terrain and larger trees surrounding the pool to bring the entire natural backyard paradise to life throughout the night. Night Lighting is also used to highlight the large, elaborate pots overflowing with plants on either end of the infinity edge. The fiber optic swimming pool lighting truly enhances the presentation of the focal point of the yard in all of its magnificent intricacy.

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