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Steely’s made of strong stuff: type 304 solid stainless that’s stable, dent-and-scratch resistant and very durable. Our plans began in 1991 with the clearing and planting of the cottage style garden at the back of the house, choosing hostas, ferns and foxgloves for the shadiest places, while up above early and late flowering clematis mingle with rambling roses. Starting in the winter 1994-5 we began a French style garden with formal box parterres at the top backed by a French court scene in yew, rose arbours in the centre, and lower borders planted with anemones, tulips and alliums followed by an avenue of white regale lilies.
Edible Flowers is now in its sixth print.For articles on this garden look out for'Country Homes and Interiors' Feb. Petoskey is engineered for active commercial and institutional spaces and has become a favorite for courtyards, city parks, university campuses, mixed use retail areas and transportation hubs.
Box blight over the last two years has forced us to adapt the plan with the removal of the central lines of box but the replacement lavender hedges are excellent. The empty fishpond itself has been transformed into a display area for seasonal containers with vibrant tulips in spring giving way to colourful exotics and architectural succulents in summer.

They form dramatic waves emerging out of the slope, rather like the famous Hokusai painting called The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Except there is no water and the pink flowers are echinaceas with blue geraniums for water and various solidago, bidens, verbena for the yellows, creams, and purples!
MONDRIAN LANDSCAPE The new garden also encompasses the ground in front of the Mondrian Wall which is also be transformed incorporating ideas from his early paintings including the 'red tree'. at Stevington it is an autumn interpretation with a red fruiting crab apple as part of the foreground to the wall ie a tree to look past. This area already forms an exciting bridge between the winter grasses and white stemmed birches on the one side and the steely eucalyptus on the other.
Only the miscanthus are taking longer to establish but they look good for making continued and substantial growth next year.
The Mid winter is often a forgotten time in the garden, yet it can be so wonderful at this time of year.The Edible Flower Garden co-exists right round the garden but a dedicated border is given over to edible flowers with displays of various lavender, roses, day lilies, fennel, thyme, marigolds, hysssop, dianthus, sage, majoram etc.

It is a source of larger for cakes, suppers, lunches, drinks, ice creams etc.Latest changes have been immediately in front of the house and around the solardome which has been a great success. We have now extended the border to the east of the solardome and made a new gated entrance to the formal garden. It will take a while for them to mature fully although many are showing buds and the ones planted nearby, beneath the white birches, are looking particularly promising. A foray to Malvern Show has resulted in several old zinc containers, silver grey ot reflect the colour of the olive leaves.

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