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Whether it's a vine-ripe tomato on a sandwich or fresh lettuce straight from the garden patch to your table, the tastiest vegetables come direct from a home vegetable garden!Square-foot gardens are a technique that many gardeners enjoy because it offers maximum yield for minimal effort.Now this is a method we can all sink our teeth into!If your desire is to grow your own vegetables but have hesitated in the past due to worries over the expense or aggravation being worth it, we would like to introduce you to an efficient, worry-free vegetable gardening method, which is one you should explore further. Click Here for Square Foot Garden WorksheetMeasure your garden space and plot it on graph paper implementing the square gardening scale.
The basic layout of square gardening prevents the need for endless tilling, weeding, watering, and pest patrol. Square-foot garden planning is based on the idea that compact, raised beds or “boxes” can be set in your garden and densely planted in a way that yields multiple harvests out a small space, even if you have poor soil. We have highlighted sample plans here, however, you can find hundreds of free garden plans using our Almanac Garden Planner tool—which will customize your planting and harvesting dates! Whether you are doing a traditional or square foot garden, having a plan helps everything run more smoothly.

If you have a hard time using Excel, you might try this garden planner–it is free for 30 days! I raised my first garden last year in raised beds and have transitioned them over to do square foot gardening this year.
For traditional gardens, row length and width may vary, but with all the square foot gardening plans you find on my site, one square is one foot. I have just been winging it with my garden and through some flowers in my raised beds so not to waste the bulbs this past fall. Easy tips and designs are provided for building and planting a simple and easy garden plan.Just "drag and drop" the vegetables you choose for your garden plan. After you review the examples below, enjoy hundreds more garden plans with the Almanac Garden Planner here.

Pumpkins and winter squash, though the leaves are big and they do take up a bit of space, they grow long and winding.
That has been the hard part for me to figure out especially since one square will get harvested maybe a month before the other square so multi-sheets don’t work very well. To get your kids excited about gardening, plants and nature, do what we do in our community garden.

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