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Based on the reader emails I get each month, I know there are tons of you in older homes just like me, trying to figure out ways to improve things. There are very few things that will transform an old house like painted trim will, as evidenced by the below picture of the upstairs. So, yes, I definitely think it's the cheapest way to make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your home.
After we moved into our house, I quickly realized that my fantasy of shopping for all brand new furniture was not going to be a reality just yet.

If you have tons of outdated 1980's brass doorknobs like me, you can easily update them with spray paint. We were blessed with a 1970's gem of a fireplace in our living room, so to make the most of it, we built our own diy mantel for less than $30! I was forced to instead think outside of the box and find inexpensive ways to furnish our home. I had the ugliest tile countertop in our kitchen when we first moved in and it drove me crazy until I finally broke down and painted it.

So, instead, I had Jesse take all of them down and I found some (new to me) old thrift store chandeliers and spray painted them a color I liked.

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