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I worked on my first crossword puzzle when I was about 6-years-old, sitting on my Dad's knee. This ridiculously easy project — found on A Yellow Bicycle blog — requires only two things: glass ornament bulbs and acrylic paint. Even if you’re the type who has trouble coloring inside the lines or keeping the nail polish on your nails, you can pull off this DIY penguin ornament.
Instead of using labels to indicate the recipient of each gift, get creative this year and make your own crossword wrapping paper so you can circle the recipient’s name on the package!

The slides below feature three do-it-yourself ornaments, three gift-wrapping ideas and three other unique and incredibly easy projects that can help you decorate your home this Christmas. All you need is a lightbulb — choose a used one that would just get thrown away anyway — some paint and a ribbon.
Go to Discovery Education’s Puzzlemaker site to create the crossword, save your creation on a zip drive and make a stop at Kinko’s to print it on the best paper you can find for wrapping.
These decorative trees are inexpensive and easy to make, and can bring some holiday cheer to any part of the home.

Go to a craft store and buy foam cones and some copper or steel wire; simply wrap the wire around the cone, and voila!

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