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Now we can add a little symbolic Feng Shui to our surroundings, like placing sailing ships coming from the North direction to your home it itself is a good wealth energizer. Of course Feng Shui has much powerful cures and many different tips and rules, but we are only focusing on the small and easy steps of Feng Shui. Water can be placed as a small water feature or as an aquarium with nine fish (eight red fish and one black). Besides the trees, we can introduce water as a swimming pool or lake, but remember water must be closed like reservoir, not like a river.

By placing a small water feature in the Southwest we are insuring that our wealth will grow. With LED lights, this towering water feature is a majestic and bold all the way into the late evenings.
Standing in the center of you house with a compass, look for the Southeast corner inside your home as well as outside if you are living in a private house.
Also, this could be displayed as nice plants if you are activating inside a home or apartment.

Choose from cascading waterfall designs, indoor floor fountains and many more - Free shipping on all water fountain styles!
Indoor outdoor garden waterfalls and fountains bring a special ambiance to any room they are placed.

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