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Calling all rose gardeners, professionals and amateurs alike, from all around the world, this Rose Society is a cultivator of everything rose, with  over 2,500 different rose cultivars and over 15,000 rose bushes.
The Four Seasons Garden has been coined one of the most beautiful home gardens in the world. The Keukenhof Gardens of the Netherlands, just outside Amsterdam, is the world’s largest flower garden, brimming with over 7 million planted flowers -- mainly tulips. Kensington Gardens, originally the private gardens of Kensington Palace, is part of the Royal Parks system. The beautiful Sunken garden, planted in 1908, is terraced with paving and ornamental flower beds, surrounding a pond with fountains formed from 18th-century water cisterns retrieved from the palace. Featuring over 45 million beautiful flowers, over a 72,000-square meter site, Dubai’s Miracle Garden is one of the largest natural flower gardens in the world. Impressively maintained in such a dry, desert region near the Arabian Ranches, Dubai Miracle Garden contains not only traditional flower beds, but also topiary-style displays of all shapes and forms that are imaginable! The Asticou Azalea Gardens of the Mount Desert Land and Garden Preserve, in Maine, are beautiful no matter what season.
With different flowers, shrubs, and trees at each and every bend - the garden is a never-ending adventure. Brimming with fountains, sculptures, grottoes, music and countless other magical water features - this garden evokes feelings of wonder and excitement.
Working as a garden designer near central London, about 60% of my work is undertaken in urban situations.

In towns it is rare for a garden not to be overlooked on two or three sides by other properties, which raises issues of how to create privacy, but can also shade the garden and limit the planting palette.
Adjacent trees and overgrown shrubs can have invasive roots that can render even the best laid paving uneven, so defining the extent of hard landscaping in the garden in relation to the surrounding planting is very important.
An area of loose aggregate or dense shrub planting under something like this would be worth considering. There is no point designing a lawn in a small back garden if there is no side access: a lawnmower carried though the house on a weekly basis (often over very beautiful light coloured carpets and furnishings) is not ideal, no matter how careful the gardener.
If you have ever tried to get grass stains out of clothes you can imagine the result on a cream rug!
If time and money are not an issue then permission to use a crane can be sought, but this is an extreme option and it is quicker, simpler and more economical to design the garden in a way that materials can be carried safely and cleanly through the house. Their intense shades of green are complemented by striking hues of purples, reds, and pinks. Not only does the garden stun local visitors and tourist with its beauty, but more pungently - with the almost-overwhelmingly sweet smell of roses. Albans in England, the Royal National Rose Society is dedicated entirely to the appreciation of roses. Containing over 3,000 plants in a small 9,900ft² space, the garden boasts more colors than most kaleidoscopes, for all four seasons. Quiet, slightly difficult to find, and amazingly maintained, this garden is the definition of tranquility.

For first timers, the weeping hemlock just north of the Main Bridge and the pink shell Azalea scattered throughout the grounds is a must-see! Here, you will experience one of the finest and most classic examples of Renaissance garden architecture and design. They may be the only private outside area that a client has to relax in, and with the current trend in modern architectural design gardens are increasingly viewed through large contemporary glass doors or picture windows. The power of nature can only be defied so far, but with careful selection of products the ongoing maintenance of the scheme can be minimised.
They are often the most fun to design and the most pleasing to see grown on and still looking good after years of use. Assess the site well, define areas for privacy and spaces for hard and soft landscaping, create integral storage and a space for outside cooking, think hard about the planting and what you want to achieve, and the garden will come together as a well-designed whole and give years of pleasure as it grows and matures. But -- it is home grown, by self-taught gardeners Marie and Tony Newton, in a suburb of Walsall West of England. Who wouldn’t be blown away by its voluptuous ornate treatments of terraced landscapes dropping down to the majestic Lago di Como. If you are reading this after that date, check out the current BN Creative Competition, and enter!

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