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One of the most charming and magical places I visited during my California road trip was Moorten Botanical Garden..
I love that they left a Saguaro skeleton standing – such character in a garden with age. And, may I remind you, this was just the stuff on the roadside, not to mention all the amazing real gardens. If I stand in precisely this spot, it appears as though my garden has been tended to fairly well. I’m beyond thrilled to announce that Loree of danger garden fame is joining me on this adventure. You must remember, if you get a chance to stroll the sidewalk of this garden, to look up and spot the Tillandisias tucked into the tree branches. The last two winters in a row took down almost all the New Zealand Flax in Portland, and most Portlander gardeners seem to be swearing off the plant for good.

The house we stayed in was right by Haystack Rock, which is designated as a Marine Garden, a term I hadn’t heard before, but I like it. It’s the last place I look, after I have come up empty in books, catalogs, and nurseries. A name that captures the passion that garden lovers experience when they find the right plant.
Her talents in scouting fabulous nurseries and hot plants are no secret to any of us who have followed her adventures in gardening. They’re not a plant I would ordinarily stop for, but I will always encourage a budding gardener, so we examined these for a while. Anemones must be the agaves of Marine Gardens – their graceful shape and dramatic beauty demands you acknowledge them as the focal point.
I used them to cover some bald spots in the garden, and these have not disappointed, now taller than me in heels, which makes them at least 6′ tall.

I never get tired of walking through nurseries and reading tags or flipping through the pages of garden books with big glossy photos.
Along with undisputed fanatical gardener credentials, Loree’s marketing and communications experience is instrumental in growing plant lust into the thriving resource we want it to be. However, to get it to that point, somebody still has to do the routine with six browser tabs and a collection of books, just to find out the basics of a plant.
We want to bring them together in one place so you can see what a plant will really do in the garden.

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