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Patriot electric fence energizers and accessories are built on the foundation of providing you the flexibility to enjoy your lifestyle with a sleek design that matches your need for simplicity, reliability, and performance - all at an outstanding value. Perfect for the small flower garden or vegetable garden, the Power Wizard garden fence kit helps keep small animals like rabbits, raccoons and pets from getting into your garden. The Power Wizard Portable Corral Kit is an excellent electric fence solution for small fenced areas where horses, alpaca or cattle need to be moved, contained and protected. Convert your Power Wizard battery operated electric fence charger into a solar powered charger with the Universal Solar Conversation Kit.
Patriot electric fence products are the result of nearly 70 years of experience from one of the world's leading electric fence manufacturers.

Each kit comes complete with everything you'll need to construction and electrify your wire fence. The Portable Corral Kit comes complete with everything you need to construct a 30 feet square or round fenced area.
Save the cost of batteries and take advantage of the sun's natural power with our solar conversion kit.
We are here to answer your questions and make recommendations on what you'll need to properly electrify your fence for your dairy farm, cattle ranch or hobby farm. First disconnect energizer from fence and confirm that voltage output at the energizer terminals is not normal.

Power Wizard's NEW Portable Electric Fence Netting has a simple, lightweight design that allows for easy setup in practically any location. The kit includes all of the mounting hardware necessary for use with a separately purchased Power Wizard fence energizer.

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